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No basis for talks with Turkey after coup says German FM

Germany's Steinmeier - “We are talking with each other like emissaries from two different planets. There is essentially no basis for understanding ... no basis for discussions,” the top German diplomat said.

US intel head calls for end to ‘hyperventilation’ over Russia’s alleged role in DNC...

Jim W. Dean - The bottom line for all the voters is the irrefutable evidence of what a worthless political class has emerged from our political system. To even call it second rate would not be fair, as it is below second rate.

Terror Attacks and No Sympathy Hashtags For Millions of Dead Muslims?

In any war the first casualty is truth and this is clearly evident by mainstream Media’s contradictory narratives on the horrific terror attacks from Paris, Orlando, Nice, as opposed to the murder and mayhem taking place in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton’s General Election Strategy – It’s My Turn So Deal With It

In response to the leaks, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Saturday that the emails show "what many of us have known for some time, that there were certainly people at the DNC who were actively helping the Clinton effort and trying to hurt Bernie Sanders' campaign."

New DNC email leak reveals anti-Sanders bias, pro-Clinton collusion among top officials

Jim W. Dean - Wikileaks gets into the Knickers of the DNC for a not surprising look into another of America's political frauds, how the national party organizations are supposed to be neutral during the primaries...yeah, sure.

Turkish Intelligence Knew Military Coup Would be Carried Out in Advance

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Media reports emerged that an uncovered plot forced the faction to move the coup's date — initially it had been planned to be carried...

Mush for Brains?

The Controllers of the Invisible Government are evil geniuses and not—as many aver—sophomoric dabblers

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Truth Can and Will Destroy the New World Order and Satanism

What I specifically like about Solzhenitsyn is that he was committed to the truth, regardless of where it took him.

Dot Connecting and “Over-Interneting” is a Trap

It is this simple. If you read material financed or written by people you hate and because you like the idea that it makes you feel powerful to have "secret information" that sounds conspiratorial, no matter how wrong it might be, and you choose to believe it anyway, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

No Hillary Prosecution, of Course

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor There was never a chance in hell of an indictment of Hillary Clinton for using private email servers like every...

Turkey Surrenders?

The only conclusion I can come to is that Erdogan has in effect, surrendered to Russia, and the letter of apology for shooting down the Russian plane is in fact a letter of surrender

NEO – Romania and Poland Are Ground Zero Now

Jim W. Dean - NATO is obviously going to do whatever it wants, as there is no mechanism for stopping it via six-figure massive protests in the respective countries where forces are being deployed.

How Do You Define A Great Nation?

The debate over whether America is great or not was settled years ago, even before Hiroshima--when the U.S. joined Britain in battering civilian targets in Germany by air.

Edward Snowden: ‘Governments can reduce our dignity to that of tagged animals’

‘I’ve been waiting 40 years for someone like you.” Those were the first words Daniel Ellsberg spoke to me when we met last year. Dan and I felt an immediate kinship; we both knew what it meant to risk so much – and to be irrevocably changed – by revealing secret truths.

NEO – Use it or Lose It – State of the art Weaponry

Jim W. Dean - Seth Ferris hits a grand slam home run with this piece, about how the dynamics of modern warfare still follow the "use it or lose it" mentality and subterfuge of the past.

Panama Leaks Gathering Storm

11.5 million files leaked by a whistle blower from an offshore company in Panama and published by a German newspaper has created ripples in the world.

What’s Israel’s Role in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict?

With the decades-long Azeri-Armenian conflict over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region burning out of control for four intense, blood-soaked days at the beginning of this month.

NEO – Panama Papers Become a Three Ring Circus

The angels have brought us another Wikileaks document scandal to have fun slicing to pieces. This one advertised from the start that it was a lynch-mob deal, since the publishers had sat on the documents for a year.

Pakistan’s Security Determinants

India has not reconciled to the existence of Pakistan and strives to reduce it to the status of a Satellite State

Panama Papers: Main Target is Putin

A massive leak of secret documents from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca, which were released on April 3, this year by the International Consortium of Invistigative Journalists (ICIJ) and German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung allegedly show prominent world leaders, politicians and celebrities who hided millions in secret offshore tax shelters and used offshore accounts to evade tax laws.

NEO – The Panama Papers: The People Deceived

Jim W. Dean - International criminal attorney digs down into the shorts of who is behind the funding of the so-called independent media exposé on the Panama Papers and finds a motherload of hard-wired Washington insiders running the game.

The Devil That Never Dies

When historians say that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, do they mean to say that every single Japanese who has ever lived actually bombed Pearl Harbor?

Nagorno-Karabakh and the Passover Feast

Efforts by Zionist Jews to create instability and instigate wars are getting to be about as common as fireflies on a summer night.

The Very Nasty Truth About the Panama Papers

Gordon Duff - The Panama Papers are a scam, real documents turned over to a Mossad run organization that now has dirt on even more people and more power to make a very nasty world an even darker and nastier place.

NEO – VT Bureau Chief exposing Georgian weapons trafficking

Jim W. Dean - We are upping our game here on the Georgian arms smuggling, with this interview with a major source. It is just the tip of the iceberg, with the chemical weapons and bioweapons nasty dealing that has been going on there.

Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq

Gordon Duff - We had to sit on this report until...well, we can't even say that either. As Jim Dean points out, this is material you won't find anyplace else.

NEO – Logistics of Terrorist Support Mechanisms in Georgia and Turkish Dirty Wars

Gordon Duff - To the professional, working in the arena of intelligence “fusion,” unrelated stories can, and often do, support threat hypotheses, occasionally of global import. This is the purpose of “intelligence” as a scientific discipline.

Operation Sophia – Classified data on EU military op against refugee flows

Jim W. Dean - Governments have a duty to take care of their own people first, especially in times of economic stress. It is always cheaper, and fairer to the taxpayers or debt funders to help third world people out via development programs in their own countries.

Iran Watchers: Wolves in sheeps’ clothing?

An anonymous "major figure" from Iran voices widespread concerns that the State Department's "Iran Watchers" are spies.

Iran Watcher: Wolves in sheeps’ clothing?

Are the "Iran Watchers" diplomats - or spies?

NEO – Bio lab in Tbilisi top suspect in weaponizing new diseases

Gordon Duff - We also have a history of Turkish and Ukrainian security service personnel treating the Lugar lab like a WMD “cash and carry,” to service their terrorist clients in Syria and Iraq.

Iran: The Double Double Game

Was a secret deal cut between the government of Iran and American extremists in the Republican Party and Pentagon over the recent capture by “accident” of not one but three oddly lost American high technology patrol vessels sailing in the most critical regions of the Persian Gulf?
Central Valley California

Your Radiation This Week No 40

Do not despair if a few of your babies die along the way. There is nothing we can do about that; or, nothing much.
Aliso Canyon near Los Angeles in the States

Your Radiation This Week No 39

Thirty (30) American cities topped 1,000 CPM this week.

Vladimir Putin: It’s Time to Call The Great Satan a Threat to Russia

Was Putin right in saying that the United States is a threat to Russia? Ideologically, yes.
Magnified Snowflake

Your Radiation This Week No 38

Good luck on keeping your friends or kids out of the Rad snow. Have them check out #RadSnow and #DodgeRadsNow it might help.
Great Lakes dock in US high and dry

Your Radiation This Week No 37

Thirty-one (31) American cities topped 1,000 CPM this week.

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