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Donald Trump Has Officially Become a New World Order Agent

When Donald Trump starts talking about making America great again, he means to say that America will be great again if we start torturing people.

Footprints of Evil: Black Sun Rising 66 – Part 2

Jack Heart - Every predator, no matter how stealthy, can be tracked when you know what to look for. Then, sometimes, the hunter becomes the prey.

The Flat Earth Society, Franco and Opus Dei

...“do you not think?” is mentioned in the Holy Quran more times than “do you not believe?”

WND & Major Media Reject ANY Mention of VT’s ‘Scalia Murdered’ Story

Mainstream and alternative media have rejected any mention whatsoever of the Veterans Today story, “Scalia Murdered after Obama Meeting” by Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh. What do they fear?

Uri Avnery – When God Despairs

Uri Avnery - No country has ever profited from throwing out its minorities. Nazi Germany threw out its Jewish scientists, some of whom went to the US and built the atomic bomb for America.

Why hasn’t the mystery of Gulf War Syndrome been solved?

"By denying that something's going on, the government's behaving in a way that's morally wrong. They're not respecting the people who went to war for this country and continue to suffer."

Gulf war syndrome: British Legion calls more help for veterans

The Royal British Legion is calling on the government to do more to help veterans suffering from Gulf war syndrome.