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Michelle Malkin Apologizes for Attacking My 9/11 Truth Work

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Subscribe to my Substack to listen to the podcast and read the full interview transcript  Has former Fox News pundit...

Biden steals 3.5 billion from Afghan funds for 9/11 victims’ scam-artist...

May they burn in hell for all eternity.

From Silence to Slander: The Media’s War on the Freedom Convoy,...

The Freedom Convoy and RFK Jr.'s book should have been huge stories from day one.

9/11: The Controlled Demolition of Trust in Authority

Look on the bright side: Ordinary people are waking up to the fact that this so-called civilization's elite are a bunch of evil pathological liars

“Death by a thousand cuts” for Iran—or Israel?

Israel is facing the reality that its post-2001 strategy of trying to orchestrate a US war on Iran will not be successful any time soon, if ever.

Will Taliban demand an international investigation of the controlled demolition of...

The Taliban always knew Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11—as top Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen emphasized in a 2019 interview with CBS.

9/11 Truth Supporter Sen. Barbara Boxer Mugged—Only Cell Phone Stolen

Has Barbara Boxer been saying naughty things about 9/11 on her cell phone?

War on History! Obits for Sen. Mike Gravel Hide His Support...

There have always been a few honest politicians. Sen. Mike Gravel was one of them.

Review of “America’s Betrayal Confirmed” by Elias Davidsson – about 9-11...

Yes, a call was placed by Barbara Olson, but it lasted zero (!) seconds. And Ed Ballinger of United Airlines was able to learn that two of the flights were not located where the official story says they were.

Bin Laden Wanted Biden, Trump Threatens Iran, Shyster Tried to Trademark...

Adam Green's show speaks truth to Zionist power.

FFWN: Adam Green Exposes BlackRock Takeover of Fed, Treasury, World Economy

Coronavirus is the new 9/11, orchestrated by the same high perps to bail out the same banksters.

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