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Controlled 9-11 opposition presents this year’s scam

FAU scientists published a draft report that concludes that the collapse of the 3rd WTC skyscraper (#7) on Sept.11, 2001, was not due to any fire, but “the almost simultaneous failure of every column in the building”.

18 Years On Still NO 9/11 Truth

9/11 has been forgotten under the weight of time; shoved under the rug.  Building 7?  What Building 7?  There will be no official reckoning.

FFWN: How Did Jet Fuel Melt Steel Beams?

We are approaching the 18th anniversary of that infamous date when the neocons smacked America's head with a two-by-four...

The Expression “Jewish Lightning” Is Anti-Semitic! – Larry Silverstein

It's hurtful. It's unacceptable. It's anti-Semitic. And it has got to stop.

Camera Two, Where Have you Been? (VT taking the gloves off)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Our sources tell us that Boris Johnson and Netanyahu are planning to down a British airliner over Cyprus and blame...

Israel’s role in 9/11

Jim W. Dean - If we do not continue to demand a total redo of the investigation, to hunt down all those involved in the cover up, we will be vulnerable to another 9-11 type event.

Was Israel behind 9/11? Adam Green vs. Elias Davidsson

Were the Dancing Israelis a bit too obvious in their celebration? How can the MSM avoid this elephant in the living room?

Only Israel Benefits From US War in IRAN

Note: One scenario seems apparent -  The highest levels of the Iranian government have long been infiltrated by CIA/Israeli agents. We only need to remember...

Ex-CIA Robert David Steele: Notre Dame was a false flag

The timing was certainly suspicious. The Notre Dame fire broke out at the perfect moment for French President Macron...

Alan “Israel Did 9/11” Sabrosky: Most Censored Man in America

Who’s afraid of Alan Sabrosky? Whoever they are, they have the ability to monitor and censor YouTube live-streams in real time...

New Zealand gunman mind-controlled by 9/11 false flag operation: Analyst

"Mind-controlled by the 9/11 attacks false flag operation designed by Israel..."

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