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Abbas is NO Arafat. He Must Go!

A recent poll by the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research showed that the Palestinians have had enough. Two-thirds want Abbas out. A majority...

Israeli Press: Abbas tells Abdullah of Trump’s commitment to peace process

Mahmoud Abbas hosts Jordan's King Abdullah (left) in Ramallah, November 2011. (Issam Rimawi/Flash90) Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke Saturday with Jordan’s King Abdullah II...

Abbas, Netanyahu clash over Balfour declaration at UN summit

DAILY SABAH WITH WIRES Istanbul Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demanded British apology for its Balfour declaration in 1917 endorsing the founding of a Jewish homeland in...

Is Sisi plotting with Israel to have Dahlan replace Abbas?

It's not too much of a secret that Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a Trump-like megalomaniac and a tyrant with few equals, is happy to do dirty work for Israel.

“It’s time for Palestine,” says Abbas as corruption runs out of...

He starts by saying: "The Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom and national independence has reached a decisive moment.

Is dissolving the Palestinian Authority an essential next step?

The Obama administration or those who write its scripts must think that all of us who support the Palestinian claim for justice are stupid.

Unity Government – First Step Toward One State Solution

Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO, Fatah and Hamas should use the “unity agreement” reached last week in Gaza as a first step toward redeeming their sins and crimes committed against the Palestinian people for all those years of failing, incompetency, corruption and decadence and as a first step toward a One State Solution, the only way forward for permanent solution.

Palestinians join Geneva Conventions on war rules – Switzerland

- Jim W. Dean..."This used to be called treason...the new term for it...a political reality. Never, have so many, owed so little, to so few."

NEO – John Kerry’s Mid East Puzzle – Chances of Success

- We welcome Victoria Fradkova on her first article for Veterans Today, part of our arrangement with NEO to exchange work from East and West.

Abbas, Promises Kept, Promises Broken.

With no hopes in sight for ending the Israeli Occupation, let alone ending the ever-expanding settlements, certainly for a “two states solution” time for Mahmoud Abbas to keep his often-stated promise (last one on December 28, 2012) to disband the PA/PLO and hand over the Keys to Bibi Netanyahu, Barack Obama and John Kerry.

So Have Peace Talks Collapsed?

In an earlier article I said that if the Palestinian Authority suddenly beamed information at me I'd view it with grave suspicion.

Arafat, Balfour and Palestine

Balfour gave a "promise" for a Jewish Home Land, a land he had no right to promise, then Arafat legitimize the promise and gave away the land he never had a right to give away.

Israel Cozies Up to China

Good thing I have access to CCTV-English (Chinese state television) for international news or I would have totally missed the scoop that Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu has frozen new settlement activity in the Palestinian West Bank.

Palestine is not a Farm of the Saudi King

Palestine is NOT a Farm Of The Saudi King and Arab States فلسطين ليست مزرعة لملك السعوية والجامعة العربية Palestine is not a private...

WANTED: A True Justice Process… and Enforcement

G8 Foreign Ministers confirmed their commitment to a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

Israel-Palestine: THE question

There is one absolute pre-condition for ending the Israel-Palestine conflict by diplomacy and negotiations on the basis, as it would have to be, of justice for the Palestinians and peace with security for all