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Rachel Notley Sides with the Enemies of Tenure, Peer Review, and...

Is the Premier of Alberta a puppet operated by Bnai Brith?

Notley’s libelous attack on professor’s “repulsive, offensive…conspiracy theories” gets everything wrong

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is facing criticism for her vitriolic comments supporting the witch hunt against Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge. 

97% of the Universe May Not Even Exist – But 9/11...

Everything in the known universe is open to debate and revision – EXCEPT the sacred tribal narratives of 9/11 and the holocaust.

Prof. Tony Hall wins – U. of Lethbridge backs down, does...

Witch hunt crumbles – academic freedom triumphs – Tony Hall returns to the University of Lethbridge!

The Academic Freedom Letters

What to do when the trustees and president try to destroy their own University? Alberta's Ministry of Education must step in and fire them, says Owen Holmes, a founder of the University of Lethbridge

Professor Anthony Hall’s academic freedom struggle goes to court

How can universities be places of open debate based on scientific application of empirically-based evidence if they are made to give way to the unilateral suspension of faculty members through disreputable and dishonest procedures like trial-through-media-based-on-maliciously-engineered-Facebook posts?

Anthony Hall academic freedom court case begins August 8th – Open...

If “anti-Semitic” were an accurate description of Professor Hall’s views it would indeed provide some support for such a limitation. But a very warped understanding of prejudice is required in order to make the description fit.

Witch-hunters charge professor with heresy

Polls show about 80% of Muslims reject the official account of 9/11. Are their beliefs – despite being backed by logic and evidence – illegal in Canada?

Creepy Bill O’Reilly oozes slime at two college co-eds (re: 9/11...

As we wait for Fox to throw him in the hole and shovel on the dirt, let us share our not-so-fond memories of this despicable American icon of sleaze and depravity.

If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

Make sure you hear every voice these people want to suppress and read every text these people try to burn.

Prof. Anthony Hall’s pay reinstated – but academic freedom fight continues

In a bizarre letter delivered 23 days after it was supposedly mailed, Mike Mahon – the physical education teacher who serves as president of the University of Lethbridge – has given censored and suspended Professor Anthony Hall some good news and some bad news.

James Tracy: How Questioning the Sandy Hook Official Narrative Cost Me...

This Wednesday is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook terror event, which tenured Professor James Tracy was fired for investigating.

Prof. Anthony Hall vindicated – B’nai Brith and its U. of...

Academic freedom 1, Zionist witch-hunters 0.

Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack your mind

How much do you want to know about ultra high tech psychotronics based on remote induction methodologies deployed to entrain your brain and influence your beliefs?

TRUTH JIHAD: Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, Bias Reporting: New Micro-techniques...

NYU professor Michael Rectenwald – who has just been suspended for thinking intelligently and critically, as opposed to what most of the professoriat does these days – discusses his recent article "Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, Bias Reporting: The New Micro-techniques of Surveillance and Control."

Lethbridge University President Says He Can Fire Tenured Faculty at Will...

Tenured faculty all over the world just woke up this morning to discover that their tenure means absolutely nothing

Universities must repel virulent Israel lobby campaigns

When you are entrusted with the care of a sacred public institution and you fail to perform your duty, then you must resign. In the...

BREAKING: Terrorist troll Joshua Goldberg behind professor’s suspension!

Kevin Barrett – A false-flag "Islamic terrorist" named Joshua Goldberg created the hate speech image that led to Professor Anthony Hall's suspension from the University of Lethbridge.

CBC launches Hannity-style attack on Professor Anthony Hall

Kevin Barrett - Can the absurd, CIA-created, weaponized term "conspiracy theories" be used to force tenured professors out of their jobs? Before 9/11, such a thing could never have happened.

Neocons have destroyed academic freedom

Apparently Hawkins was forced out of Wheaton Colleges for saying that "Muslims and Christians worship the same God." But only a lunatic would question that statement.

TRUTH JIHAD: Prof. James Tracy discusses academic freedom, Gladio-style shootings –...

Truth-seeking professor James Tracy is getting all kinds of static - not just from academic censors, but also when he tries to talk on the radio!

Has the Israel Lobby lost ground in its perpetual war against...

- Israel's massive efforts to fabricate institutional ties & to counter the cyber movement are proof of the threat that BDS represents.

9/11 debate challenges: Truth wins by default

Refusal to debate = concession of defeat.

Dear Cass Sunstein: PLEASE cognitively infiltrate me!

Can Cass Sunstein "disable" my 9/11 "conspiracy theories" by showing they are wrong?

USA Has Gone Fascist – I’m Living Proof!

Naomi Wolfe says the witch-hunt that drove me out of the University of Wisconsin is evidence that America has gone fascist.