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Trump, ADL Propose Re-Education Camps for “People Who Don’t Love Israel...

Under the Trump-ADL plan, the Chinese contractor Chī shǐ will be hired to run the Love Israel VEry Much OR Else (LIVEMORE) camps modeled on the Uyghur reeducation camps in East Turkestan.

The ADL: One Person’s Hate Speech Is Another Person’s Religion

"holy" scriptures are loaded with hate against outsiders and non-believers.  

Corbyn Won’t Apologize to Israel? Or Won’t STOP Apologizing?

Each time Jeremy Corbyn apologizes, they insist that it wasn't good enough—he needs to grovel even more shamefully in humiliating self-abasement!

I Just Made the ADL Short List!

The good news is that VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff and I were the only people on the ADL Short List who work for the same organization. The ADL must think VT is twice as dangerous as the competition.

NEO – Deadly Misconceptions that Drive Chaos

Jim W. Dean - Despite all efforts to marginalize VT, hacking us, even removing our most important articles from our archives, we have not been stopped.

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