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Palestinians Abdicate Cause with Failed Leaders

How do Palestinians ever expect to win when they stick to incompetent failed dictators?

The US Afghanistan Taliban Merry-go-round

Jim W. Dean - The revolving door of US generals and proclamations that the corner has been turned in Afghanistan seems to be a perpetual motion exercise.

Jews and American Wars

If you do not plan to give up your life in a war, make sure that your Lobby doesn’t push for one.

US Massacre of Afghan Children Revealed

To the Honorable Secretary General Antonio Guterres United Nations New York, New York 10017 RE: Afghan Students, Many Children, Were Savagely Massacred by U.S. Special Operation Forces...

New Role of Qatar and UAE in Afghanistan and its Impact...

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen for Veterans Today Afghan writer and political Analyst based in Kabul The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a close friend of the United...

US invaded Afghanistan to restore heroin industry – now pretending to...

The United States invaded Afghanistan largely to restore the heroin industry and it is now making about $1.5 trillion every year from this business...and now declaring a phony "war on drugs" there as an excuse to stay!

International Criminal Court to investigate CIA black sites in Afghanistan

The chief investigator of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, has asked for judicial permission to launch an investigation into war crimes and crimes...

Why numbers don’t add up for Trump’s failing Afghanistan War

Jim W. Dean - Governments now routinely hide anything they can about the failure of our foreign policy, by deeming not doing so to be a potential threat to national security. This of course is quite a stretch, and a convenient one on their part

New York Times Strikes Out Again on Afghanistan

American people expect full story from their "free press" and Constitution demands the press serve the people and not bureaucracy; New York Times needs to get its mission straight.

ICC prosecutor seeks investigation into Afghanistan war crimes

Jim W. Dean - The soft under-belly of this case is the US co-torturing partners who are members of the ICC and under its jurisdiction, Poland, Romania and Lithuania

Stop the War in Afghanistan

If Americans knew all facts about war in Afghanistan they would realize U.S. and its war profiteers and puppets are the terrorists, war criminals, and drug traffickers.

Neocon Max Boot: Legal and illegal aliens need to enlist in...

If people like Max Boot aren’t dangerous to America and much of the world, then no one is. It was good that Tucker Carlson told Boot to pick up a decent job like changing tires.

UN Must Address America’s Illegal Occupation of Afghanistan

To the Honorable Secretary-General Antonio Guterres United Nations New York, New York 10017 RE: The United States is Terrorizing the Afghan Villagers and Looting Their Rare Earth...

What have they done to our fair sister? An Epitaph

Sima Wali, the first Afghan refugee to come to this country in 1978 has died at her home in Falls Church, Virginia. To the many Afghans and Americans who knew her, Sima Wali was the soul of Afghanistan.

What mass shooting in Las Vegas should teach American politicians and...

Sudden death is indeed a frightening thing, and mass shootings, in particular, always bring pain and suffering.

Afghanistan War Report – September 30, 2017: Fierce Clashes And Suicide...

...from SouthFront On September 26, 2 Afghan policemen died and 3 were injured in a roadside bombing in Herat province. At the same day, 3...

RT – Taliban rains on Kabul security with Airport attack

Jim W. Dean - The Taliban lost no time in raining on the new US Afghanistan initiative's parade by showing they could not only strike the airport during an unannounced VIP visit just a few hours after the visitor arrived, but get close enough to use 29 rounds of RPGs.

Could the Afghan war go on forever?

Jim W. Dean - The Afghan war will go on because whatever losses are inflicted on the Taliban, they can easily replace them...maybe forever. 

Afghanistan War Report – September 23, 2017: US Deploys More Troops...

...from SouthFront The US is increasing its military involvement in the Afghanistan conflict in an attempt to take an upper hand in a battle against...

3,000 US troops headed to Afghanistan—to die for Israel

Trump is causing trouble in the Middle East because the Israeli regime tells him what to do. If fighting terrorism was his main goal, he would almost certainly go after terrorist states like Saudi Arabia, which destroyed Yemen and imposed a blockade on Qatar.

Afghanistan War Report – September 16, 2017: Taliban Attacks NATO Convoy

...from SouthFront On Friday, a Taliban suicide bomber driving a car bomb slammed into a convoy of NATO forces near Kandahar Airbase in Trank Pul...

US Afghan strategy will fail say Ex-Cmdr

War crimes are being committed against Afghan/Pashtun villagers by the United States. Just last week Afghan/Pashtun villagers were killed in Pashtun areas throughout Afghanistan especially in Helmand Province, Logar, Herat, Kunduz and Kunar Province.

Afghanistan War Report – September 2, 2017: New US Strategy Leads...

...from SouthFront On August 30, the Taliban claimed that it downed a US helicopter in the Afghan province of Logar and that 20 US soldiers...

Pakistan, Considering Suspension of NATO Supply to Afghanistan

Pakistan’s National Assembly (Lower house of parliament) has unanimously passed a resolution on August 30, this year, calling on the government to consider suspending supply lines to the US-led NATO mission in Afghanistan in response to the recent US accusations that the country is harbouring militant groups.

US acknowledges presence of 11,000 troops in Afghanistan

Jim W. Dean - The US troop numbers juggling game finally gets exposed. Trump obviously ordered an earlier increase and told his Pentagon chief to hide the numbers until he was ready to announce a new Afghanistan policy.

The US Needs to do More in Afghanistan

Asif Haroon Raja Donald Trump’s policy speech on Afghanistan It took Donald Trump and his team 8 months to formulate Afghan policy, which was hailed by...

America’s “General” Calamity in Afghanistan

To the Honorable Secretary General Antonio Guterres United Nations New York, New York 10017 RE: The United States' Bombing of Afghans Villagers in Afghanistan is Genocide. The...

US New Strategy for Afghanistan Doomed to Failure: Afghan Analyst

All strategies that are focused merely on “killing the terrorists” without a program for reconciliation and nation-building will experience heavy defeat, an Afghan analyst said in a reference to the US new strategy for Afghanistan.

World reacts to Trump’s new Afghanistan policy

Global reaction to President Donald Trump's speech on the new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan:

Disturbing truth about all American Wars in the Mideast since WW2

America had no legal or constitutional right to be involved in any of them!
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