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Afghanistan does the impossible, forming a shared government

Jim W. Dean - There are forces inside and outside that would prefer the war go on forever so they can continue to benefit from it, like the drug smuggling.

Afghan funeral and maternity ward attacks could kill peace deal

Jim W. Dean - Two mothers and their babies were sacrificed by the usual religious extremists for the usual reasons, to serve God.

Taliban betting it can win all in Afghanistan

Jim W. Dean - Ho Chi Minh is famous for his great prediction on the Vietnam war. "You will kill ten of us for every one of you that we kill, but in the end it is you who will tire of it."

Press TV’s The Debate – US Afghanistan policy

Jim W. Dean - The Taliban's strategy has always been to drag the war out until the US got tired of it and the Kabul regime would collapse.

NEO – Is Afghan “Peace” crumbling already?

Jim W. Dean - As Ho Chi Mhin once said to the US, "You will kill ten of us for every one of you that we kill, but in the end it is you who will tire of it."

Story Behind US Pullout in Afghanistan (Duff on Press TV)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has approved the release of hundreds of Taliban prisoners as part of efforts to pave the way for the start of talks with the militants.

US Military Analyst: Washington Seeks to Guarantee Drug Trade in Afghanistan...

One of the most important priorities of the White House in Afghanistan is ensuring that the drug trade continues, one US military and security analyst on Washington's effort to reach a deal with the Taliban.

ICC Authorizes War Crimes Inquiry Against Pentagon War on Afghanistan

Senior judges at the international criminal court have authorized an investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, overturning an earlier rejection of the inquiry.

Who is Sabotaging US-Taliban Deal and Why?

In a ceremony which was attended by notables from Russia, China, Qatar and other key players, including the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Doha-the capital of Qatar on February 29, this year, the US and the Taliban have signed the historical agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan after more than 18 years of conflict.

Taliban Ready to Trust Pompeo, Duff on Press TV

The United States voices optimism that the current truce with the Taliban will hold and lead to a formal accord with the militant group.

Duff on Press TV: Failed 7 Day ‘Truce’ in Afghanistan

The Taliban have clashed with Afghan security forces one day after an agreement was made between the militants and the US to reduce hostilities for seven days.

Afghanistan: US Loses 10 in Plane Crash on Jan. 27

The SouthFront video above is only part of the pushback received when VT broke the story that the US had lost a mobile command center over Afghanistan in January.  The US story that the plane was a civilian airliner then fell apart and soon thereafter, video began to upload showing wreckage and bodies.

U.S. bombing of Afghanistan hit decade high in 2019

Jim W. Dean - The military command loves the deployment as it is training a constant turnover of US military people in live fire engagements so our defense forces are populated with at least some combat veterans and experience pilots.

Afghanistan: Pentagon Confirms Dead Airmen’s Identity. Pilot likely worked for Intelligence...

The truth about the American military plane crashed in Afghanistan on Monday 27 January 2020 will probably remain forever shrouded in mystery. The Pentagon has finally released an official statement confirming the names of the two aviators whose bodies the US military has recovered with the consent of the Taliban but adds very few other certainties.

Breaking/Unconfirmed/Direct: US prisoners taken after Afghanistan crash (newest contradictory updates…sorry)

Gordon Duff - "Ayatollah Mike" came to Kadir's home (here in Michigan) to recruit him as part of the US attack on Afghanistan.

Mystery Air Crash in Afghanistan, 83 Dead, Is it a US...

Afghan Interior Ministry, Second Vice President Confirm Plane Crash in Ghazni. The Afghan Interior Ministry on Monday acknowledged that a plane had crashed in the eastern province of Ghazni, adding that the cause of the crash remains unknown.

Afghanistan’s Looted Kushan Bull Sculpture is Home

The artifact is one of thousands left destroyed, damaged or missing after civil war broke out in the 1990s

Biden: Trump ‘flat-out lied’ about justification for assassinating Soleimani

American forces have since remained bogged down in Afghanistan through the presidencies of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and now, Donald Trump.

NY Times: New World Order lies about the war in Afghanistan

“For me, a former enlisted Marine rifleman who served in Afghanistan in 2008, 2009 and 2010, watching the national-security intelligentsia reckon with their careers, and where they contributed to the quagmire in which the United States now finds itself, reminds me of a Pentagon press-conference transcript from March 2010."

NEO – I never saw a world so fragmented!

Jim W. Dean - Andre Vltcheck gives us his sad overview on how ignorant and unconcerned those in the bottom 25% economically, and higher are about anyone else's situation but their own.

FFWN: London Bridge Terror: Fake Reformed Fake Jihadist in Fake Suicide...

Topics include suspicious London Bridge attack, impeachment, Afghan "peace process," Holocaust Christmas ornaments, and of course Epstein didn't kill himself.

NEO – The filthy truth about America’s fake position on Afghanistan

America has created an economic environment in Afghanistan, which will, as intended, cripple Afghanistan for a century. Gems and rare earth elements, other undiscovered resources, are open for plunder.

Low turnout for Afghan election

It is time foreign forces including the CIA paramilitary and contractors/mercenaries leave Afghanistan. It is time the Afghan people unite and determine their own destiny.

Lavrov: New World Order is miserably failing

Another concept the West frequently invokes is the so-called 'rules-based order.' However, the 'rules' in question are being invented by the Western politicians themselves and ‘selectively’ applied to serve their own needs, using this trick to ‘usurp the decision-making process’ from others

Taliban Bombs Kabul as Talks with US Underway

The Taliban have the upper hand. Will Afghanistan be the graveyard of the US Empire?

WaPo: US to begin Afghan pullout in deal with Taliban

The Washington Post’s Dan Lamothe, Pamela Constable, and John Hudson report that the Trump administration is preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan in exchange for concessions from the Taliban.

Strategic contention over Ports: Pakistan’s Gwadar vs Iran’s Chabahar

China and Pakistan have been working overtime to woo Iran and integrate it into their strategic nexus against India.

The War Party Is At It Again

There is only one party in Washington, D.C., and it’s the War Party. And they are at it again.

Taliban insists on combat during Afghan peace talks

The 7th round of peace talks in Doha, Qatar, is a farcical show for the continuation of the occupation of Afghanistan and the killing of Afghan Villagers for Rare Earth Elements.

Chuck Baldwin Destroys Christian Zionism and Perpetual Wars

Since World War II, virtually all of the military conflicts in which the U.S. has been involved in the Middle East have been at the behest of Israel. For all intents and purposes, foreign policy makers of America’s federal government—from both major parties—are little more than lap dogs for the Zionist State of Israel.

Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe: Alternative to the New World Order

Would it be possible for a very high-ranking U.S. military officer to develop the same critical dissident view of United States foreign policy practices, tactics, and especially, the multi-faceted brutal nonstop war on humankind, ultimately including its own helpless people at home, that I have?

Afghan politicians call for unconditional ceasefire

Everybody wants the US out of Afghanistan...except the small group profiting from the opium.

Beijing and Moscow to NWO: Maduro stays

We should give two thumbs up for Russia and China for saying that enough is enough. If both countries are stopping the New World Order from destroying any other country in the world, then we should definitely applaud such an effort.

NWO and its puppets are mad, sad, and insane

Blood suckers perpetually said Saddam was corrupt, therefore they had to destroy Iraq. Gaddafi was corrupt, therefore they had to kill him mercilessly. Bashar al-Assad is corrupt and was killing his own people, therefore the United States had to send thousands upon thousands of soldiers to support the rebels/terrorists. Thanks to Russia, Assad is still in power and is serving his country.

New World Order lies about Venezuela—again

...by Jonas E. Alexis If you have been living on a steady diet of fake news perpetuated by the New World Order, then you are...

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