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Fighting back against the Israel Lobby

One particular subject to raise with congressmen is the issue of Zionist foundations’ apparent immunity from having to register as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938.

NEO – Jade Helm and its Repercussions

Fake media is fake media and money is money. We found an agenda, the use of fake events, of false flag terrorism and of media abuse in destabilizing and undermining institutions, and that the ability of the Deep State to orchestrate mass hysteria has increased exponentially.

Washington Loyalty to Israel (Press TV Debate)

Does AIPAC pay politicians to pledge loyalty to Israel?

Congress; Forcing “Dual Loyalty” on All American Citizens

Criticizing Israel and the ideology of Zionism is a constitutional right — not Congress, not AIPAC or ADL can ever change that.

Preserving the Integrity of the U.S. Electoral Process

Given the extent of the incomprehensible largess and nepotism noted below evident in U.S./Israel relations virtually since its founding in 1948, no Special Counsel investigation is required to at least raise concern that by donating millions of dollars in campaign contributions to pro-Israel candidates, sponsoring junkets to Israel for freshman congresspersons, etc., that AIPAC and Sheldon and Miriam Adelson’s Israeli American Council — IAC — are influencing both the outcome of our elections and U.S. government foreign policy decisions that, while furthering Israel’s interest, is detrimental to our own.

US Representative Ilhan Omar Apologizes For Telling the Truth

in sickening attempts to curry favor with the Israel lobby

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