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ISIS threatens Alex Jones: “Grow that beard longer or WE WILL...

First his ex-wife, then Lenny Posner, and now ISIS: Alex Jones is facing a perfect storm.

Alex Jones continues to protect Netanyahu’s derriere

If you don’t think that Alex Jones has fully embraced the madness of Benjamin Netanyahu, the psychopath who never ceases to lie both in books and in public appearances, then think again.

Is Jared Kushner in deep doo-doo again?

...by Jonas E. Alexis We knew that Jared Kushner would be a major problem in the Trump administration. As we have reported in the past,...

Alex Jones: Patriot or scumbag? A FIERCE debate on False Flag...

Tony Hall and I broke down the Las Vegas suspected false flag, and heatedly argued about Alex Jones, during this week's False Flag Weekly News.

Where is Alex Jones when you need him?

“Jared Kushner has used a personal email account to correspond with colleagues in the White House."

Paul Joseph Watson, please, grow up

Could it be that Paul Joseph Watson has been working for the Powers That Be all along? Is it possible that this man is dumb on purpose?

FALSE FLAG ALERT! Notre Dame attack “hammers home” religious war psy-op

A "Muslim hammer attack" at the #1 iconic location of French Christianity can only have been scripted to awaken subconscious reverberations of the myth of Charles "the Hammer" Martel, who "stopped the Muslim advance into Europe at the battle of Tours."

False flags exposed on USA’s biggest Muslim TV show

Why is Alex Jones (and the rest of the Zionist-dominated media) lying about Muslims?

Is Alex Jones attacking Islam and Muslims for the MONEY while...

Will Alex Jones ever dare to discuss Islam with a knowledgeable American Muslim? Don't hold your breath!

Alex Jones’ Prison Planet Lies for Israel

Jonas E. Alexis--The Zionist project simply cannot survive a scholarly investigation because it is completely ridiculous. And the only reason so-called alternative websites like Prison Planet are promoting lies and fabrications is because they are a shill for Israel.

NEO – InfoWars: More Than Simply Fake

Jim W. Dean - This story is not so much that Jones has done what he has, but that all of his media "competition" just sat back and watched it all happen without saying a word, except for VT.

All hail President Kushner!

Who ordered Veterans Today taken down – Donald Trump or "President" Jared Kushner?

Exposing InfoWars and Israel

Watson and Jones are experiencing buyers' remorse. But they aren't loudly and forthrightly calling out the obvious "sarin attack" false flag. They aren't exposing Trump's obscene lies.

Alex Jones Explodes in Blubbering Rage at Mere Mention of My...

Alex Jones kisses up to Zionism and spreads malignant lies about Islam, yet is afraid to even DEBATE an anti-Zionist Muslim on his show.

Can Alex Jones Be Serious on the Middle East?

Alex Jones has a huge following and he needs to be honest with his listeners with respect to the issues in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson Mislead Gullible People to Save...

Alex Jones and Stanley Kubrick’s daughter can talk about the Second Amendment all the day long, but neither one of them seems to understand that true freedom cannot exist without practical reason.

Can someone tell Obama and Merkel to just shut up?

The New World Order and its agents want to kill two birds with one Zionist stone. They want to create panic in Europe, most specifically in Germany.

The Khazarian Mafia, Ted Cruz, and Alex Jones Are in Cahoots

Will Ted Cruz and Alex Jones ever rise to the challenge? Will they even suggest that Israel is an enemy of the United States and therefore should be morally and politically challenged?

Ted Cruz Is a Literal Zionist Whore and Political Prostitute

Politico: “Ted Cruz loves Orthodox Jews — and they love him back."

A Reasoned Response to a Reader About Alex Jones, Paul Joseph...

You cannot reason a person out of an idea which was not born on the basis of reason, particularly when that person cherishes that idea so much that he would almost die defending it.

Alex Jones, Robert Spencer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Pamella Geller Are...

Alex Jones wants your money, which is his “precious.” And to get that money, he will always mix a little bit of truth in a river of fabrication, strong enough to distract you from focusing on the main issue.

Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Alex...

The next time you are planning to watch an Alex Jones show, keep your eyes open, put your thinking cap on, and then ask Jones serious questions about the so-called "globalists."

The Plot Against Europe Revisited

You’ve got people like Alex Jones talking about the so-called Syrian invasion of Europe and then ignoring the abundance of evidence which indicaes that the Israeli regime is behind the war in Syria in the first place.

Texas biker shooting blamed on “Hell’s ISIS”

The latest "terror threat": Islamic extremist motorcycle gangs.

Goodnight America: May Day Riots in Seattle

* WARNING:  Explicit and Strong Language News Topics: May Day Seattle Riots, Hillary Clinton Polls as Dishonest, Michael Moore Wants to Take Guns from Police,...

DHS: “America is now under Wal-Martial law”

"Citizens – I mean, shoppers – must immediately report to their nearest Wal-Mart re-education centers."

Why Alex Jones Bashes Nazis

Anyone paying attention knows that Alex Jones has an obsession with attacking Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He does so for one reason and...

“False-flag” Meme Goes Mainstream with Boston Marathon Bombing

The mainstream media couldn't hide the "false-flag" meme in the wake of the Boston bombings.

Is Alex Jones a Complete Idiot?

Why is Alex Jones dancing on Hugo Chavez's grave?!

Liars, Gun Control and Money in a Culture of Violence

Nevermind the phony gun control debate. What's really going on here? Know your history, know your rights, see and understand your culture...

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