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Alex Jones Gets It Right, Sort of

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor InfoWars doesn't apologize for being wrong about Trump.  Jones is quite forgiving and still lauds a domestic policy that makes...

Alex Jones Apologises for ‘Pizzagate’ Fake News

Conservative radio host Alex Jones apologized Friday for promoting an anti-government conspiracy theory that allegedly inspired one man to open fire in a Washington restaurant last year.

Kevin Barrett challenges Alex Jones: Debate Zionism and Islamophobia!

Does Alex, who spreads Islamophobia and grovels before Bibi Netanyahu, have the courage to debate Kevin?

Is Alex Jones Covering for Trump’s Jewish Mob Ties? Israeli...

__________ The Jerusalem Post, October 28, 2016 Radio Host and Trump supporter claims 'Jewish mafia' controls US "There’s mafias of all different stripes and groups, but since...