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Nearly a World War, America Threatened Russia Over Israeli Underground Terror Base Deep in Syria

…by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor Israel ran a base just outside Damascus, shelling civilians for years.  America threatened war with Russia as forces closed in, discovering an al Qaeda control center run by the IDF. A huge underground secret Israeli base has been found in East Ghouta, outside Damascus, including 40 tons of chlorine More..


Under Trump’s Watch, America Laundering the World’s Narcotics Cash

Switzerland and the United States have been named as the two main players in international tax evasion, corruption, fraud and money laundering, according to a new report which also calls on the United Nations to spearhead a global effort to halt these illegal practices. Launching its latest Financial Secrecy Index 2018, the Tax Justice Network, an More..


Gun Violence in America: A Venerable Tradition (Kevin Barrett on Press TV)

Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Most of the world doesn’t understand American gun culture. So trying to explain it to an international audience in five minutes is not easy. Why are senseless acts of gun violence (including the mass shootings analyzed HERE by James Petras) on the increase? The short answer More..

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America Says “Screw You” to Trump, Alabama Elects a Democrat to the Senate

Editor’s note:  America just did to Trump and Moore what they do to little girls. Democratic candidate Doug Jones will be the new US senator from Alabama after defeating Republican Roy Moore in a special runoff election. Jones’ shock victory will send ripples through Congress, and could impact upcoming races. With 89 percent of precincts More..


Texas Kisses Ring of Israel Turns Back on Making America Great Again

By Sami Jamil Jadallah, Braveheart and Steve Robertson The small city of Dickinson, Texas lost some three-quarters of its 830 homes during the recent Hurricane Harvey storm. Then, to add insult to injury the residents and business owners of the city were somehow contractually forced to give up their 1st Amendment Rights (Freedom of Speech) and then More..