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CyberPol President announces cancellation of CyberPOL SoC with Protecting Tomorrow USA

The President of CYBERPOL Ricardo Baretzky announced today that the deal to host CyberPOL SoC with Protecting Tomorrow, a nonprofit company in the USA, has been declined and suspended. He stated that the decision was made under Art. 18.5 of the CyberPOL organizational statutes granting the President full and complete powers to veto rights in all cases with regards to all decisions made by the general assembly that is not in the organization interest.

Trump announces greater involvement in Afghanistan; Taliban pledge to fight on

President Donald Trump announced on Monday night his administration’s plans to continue the engagement of the United States military in Afghanistan, a strategy meant to combat the influence of the Taliban and the ISIS affiliate in the country that will for go a formal timetable and instead rely upon “conditions on the ground” to guide U.S. activities.

Putin announces his intention to run for president in 2018

Russia will hold its regular presidential election on March 18, 2018. In accordance with the Russian legislation, Vladimir Putin can nominate his own candidacy for a new term in the office.

Syria announces Operation Grand Dawn in the eastern desert against ISIS

Jim W. Dean - VT was right again. We smelled right away that this new desert fight in Syria was not a skirmish that Damascus had assigned to some throwaway militias to give them something to do.

Iran announces mass production of domestic main battle tank, which looks...

  RT/Moscow: Tehran kicked off the mass production of a main battle tank called Karrar at a ceremony attended by Iran’s defense minister. The tank...

Sarkozy Announces Candidacy for French Presidential Elections

Was one of the reasons for the terror attacks on France to weaken and discredit Francois Hollande in order to re-install the Israeli puppet Sarkozy?

Erdogan announces sweeping overhaul of the Turkish military

Jim W. Dean - The US is definitely in the cross hairs and the thinly veiled accusations are increasing, with this past week's Turkish claim of not only CIA but FBI "assistance and training" with some of the coup plotters close to the Gulen group.

Trump Announces he is Jewish, “Hoodathunkit”

The WWII Exploits of Trump's Jewish Relatives Editor's note:  With Trump's foreign policy the most pro-Israeli in recent history and his equal history of surrounding...

Falklands’ Rockhopper announces double contingent oil reserves: over 300m barrels

There have been many reasons put forward over the years for why the Falklands War of 1982 happened, both official and conspiratorial. It has...

Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu announces resignation

... by  Ian Greenhalgh The resignation of Turkey's prime minister, a man long held to be little more than a puppet of Erdogan, most likely...

Obama announces five-fold increase in US troops to Syria

President Barack Obama announced on Monday that the US is boosting its troop presence in Syria five-fold, to 250 military personnel.