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Nagorno-Karabakh War is over. What now?

Internally displaced persons and refugees will return to Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding areas under the supervision of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

War In Nagorno-Karabakh: Shadow of Big Ottoman Brother covers Azerbaijan

The Turkish military continues to demonstrate its non-involvement in the war with Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. On November 4, the heroic defense ministry of Turkey announced that Azerbaijani forces had shot down one more Armenian Su-25 warplane in the conflict zone.

Azerbaijan Is In Anger. Armenians Open Fire at its Troops Peacefully...

The setback in the south of Karabakh was confirmed by the Armenian Defense Ministry, who insisted that the situation is still under full control. If this is under full control, it’s hard to imagine how the Armenian side sees the variant of the situation when all is not under control.

Intermediate Results And Prospects Of Armenian-Azerbaijani War

The Armenian-Azerbaijani war, which started on September 27, continues in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region despite international diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the conflict.

Affirming the Independence of the Armenian Republic

Artsakh and Christian Armenia have been under attack by Azerbaijan, Turkey, jihadist terrorists, and ISIS since September 27. Armenian-Azeri War Update

Armenian War, Twitter Storm

Jim W. Dean - Cross your fingers that the EU makes a move to step in here, as that would get Putin off the dime on flying some needed armaments into the Russia base in Armenian.

Breaking: Lavrov gets Baku and Armenians to agree to ceasefire at...

A ceasefire has been announced, beginning 12:00 on 10 October, 2020, for humanitarian purposes for the exchange of prisoners of war and other detainees, and bodies of the dead, to be mediated in accordance with the criteria of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

NEO: Will it be Biden and Putin, Making the New World?

With the COVID pandemic, the world economy is no longer in focus. In America, millions of jobs are more than lost, the industries themselves have contracted or disappeared. No one knows what the world economy will be, what will survive, and what nations may well crumble economically as well.

The Conspiracy against Armenia and Pashinyan Government is in Center of...

Analysts say that in fact what it aims is to achieve are the goals of his government’s foreign patrons in the Washington establishment, thus losing Karabakh and using this as a pretext to break its remaining ties with Russia and pushing the country towards integration with NATO.

Poor leadership and judgement lead to Syrian mercs slaughter

Jim W. Dean - It looks like the Armenian ambush teams hemmed their perimeter in with small arms fire to bunch them up to make a better target for the artillery that had the range on them.

Iran attempts to stop Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman also called for an immediate ceasefire to the conflict. He said that the Islamic Republic has prepared an initiative to resolve the conflict, adding that Tehran is pursuing the plan through consultations with both sides.

Breaking: Baku blinks first – Aliyev calls for ceasefire with Armenia

Jim W. Dean - I had my fingers crossed that this fruitless effort by a megalomaniac in Baku would cause him to come to his senses.

Iran’s Baku embassy condemns attacks on civilians, nonmilitary sites in Karabakh...

Jim W. Dean - Armenia has not been an aggressor, but has been a victim of Turkey's genocide. We have seen no reparation efforts whatsoever for Turkey's terrible crimes, having a pass, perhaps, as a NATO member.

Will world stop Azerbaijan attacks with credible sanctions?

NATO has taken a low profile in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, leaving the impression that it may have decided to let matters take their course, which would be the antithesis of NATO's charter mission.

NEO: Why Nagorno-Karabakh and Why Now?

Observers on the ground in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone have no doubt that the heaviest fighting in years is going on, and this is only the early stages of what may develop into a larger geopolitical conflict involving proxies.

Azerbaijan attacks Armenia again, with Turkey spoiling for more conflict

Jim W. Dean - Both sides seem to be picking off forward units, where artillery already have the approach ranges.

Azerbaijani-Armenian War: Turkish F-16s Enter The Game. Armenia Threatens To Use...

As of September 29, the Azerbaijani advance in the Nagorno-Karabakh region struck the Armenian defense, and Azerbaijani forces were not able to achieve any military breakthroughs. Both sides accuse each other of using foreign mercenaries and terrorists.

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