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War In Nagorno-Karabakh: Shadow of Big Ottoman Brother covers Azerbaijan

The Turkish military continues to demonstrate its non-involvement in the war with Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh region. On November 4, the heroic defense ministry of Turkey announced that Azerbaijani forces had shot down one more Armenian Su-25 warplane in the conflict zone.

NEO: Will it be Biden and Putin, Making the New World?

With the COVID pandemic, the world economy is no longer in focus. In America, millions of jobs are more than lost, the industries themselves have contracted or disappeared. No one knows what the world economy will be, what will survive, and what nations may well crumble economically as well.

Turkey gets Bogged down In Karabakh War as Armenian Forces reclaim...

If Azerbaijan experiences more difficulties in the conflict and is not able to develop momentum, Turkish involvement in the conflict will grow further.

The Conspiracy against Armenia and Pashinyan Government is in Center of...

Analysts say that in fact what it aims is to achieve are the goals of his government’s foreign patrons in the Washington establishment, thus losing Karabakh and using this as a pretext to break its remaining ties with Russia and pushing the country towards integration with NATO.