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How Jewish Is Azov?

A Jew trapped inside the steel plant with Azov sent a video message out, directed to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet, the people of Israel, its journalists, Rabbis, and others, as reported by Ukrainian news Focus.

Russian Supreme Court designates Azov Nationalist Battalion as Terrorist Organization

The Russian Supreme Court has designated the Ukrainian Azov nationalist battalion as a terrorist organization and outlawed its activities in Russia,

Kiev’s Forces Shelled a Detention Center in Donbass because “the Nazi...

DPR head Denis Pushilin claimed that the Ukrainians “deliberately” targeted the detention center in order to kill Azov members who had been providing testimonies about possible war crimes by their commanders.

NATO Officers in Azovstol Murdered & Mutilated by Azov to Spare...

A decision to eliminate awkward Western ‘helpers’ probably would be taken by the ruthless Fascist leaders who ran things at AZOVSTAL...

Twitter Censors “Uncle Adolf stands with Ukraine” Tweet

Making fun of Hitler and Nazism is now a crime in Germany.

Patrick Lancaster went into Avastol Steel Plant Territory

There was no follow up on the one report yesterday of an Azov battalion surrender.