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Uri Avnery – The Bizarre Case of Bashar Assad

Jim W. Dean - Today we have Uri, the investigative journalist, agreeing with us that the alleged Khan Shykun sarin gas bombing by Assad has never been supported by the evidence.

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu is “anti-Semitic”

The Israeli regime is basically saying that Benjamin Netanyahu is above the law and rational inquiry.

Assad Destroys New World Order Fake News

Assad to Isikoff: “When were your institutions honest about what’s happening in Syria? Never. If the FBI says something, it’s not evidence."

Did US-Saudi option restore Security to Syrians?

For about six years Americans and their associates are interfering in the Syrian affairs wishing to remove from power the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

RT – US to use Turkish airbases in war against ISIS

Jim W. Dean, You just can't make this stuff up. Turkey, who has been giving logistics support to ISIS while looting Northern Syria all during the war, is now joining the anti-ISIS coalition

Assad Winning, Why is America Aghast?

According to rumors no one seems to know the origin of, Iran is said to have agreed to let Syria fall to ISIS

Half moon over Damascus

- "I am in Damascus attending a Conference on Terrorism and Religious Extremism sponsored by the Syrian government."

As Syria Bleeds, the World Looks On

I simply do not buy the excuses by America and the West let lone some Middle East countries for non –intervention in Syria.