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Bibi, Trump, Assad, Saddam & Fink’s Bar

By Thomas J. Mattingly – 15 February 2017 Why the U.S. did not remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq during the First Gulf War has affected...

NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat

Gordon Duff ..."Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war."

Bibi to Congress – “You work for me and don’t you...

Bibi Netanyahu came to America to order Congress to short-circuit President Obama's foreign policy negotiations with Iran which are nearing success.

Send in the Clowns – Bibi’s all done

In a display of Hubris beyond reason, Bibi delivered a continual stream of lies many applauded but few believed.

Hubris Beyond Imagination – Bibi’s Speech to Congress

"Bibi Netanyahu, a very crafty man, is the recognized operational leader of the worldwide wealthy and powerful Khazarian Mafia (KM) which is based in the City of London."

The Meaning of Bibi

If anti-Semitism is defined as the Goyim’s reaction to Jewish misbehavior, Benjamin Netanyahu provides us with an incredible opportunity to observe such transgressions in action.

Palestine – Fist Full of Dollars

The meeting that took place in Nablus on Sunday the 4th of November 2012 between Palestinian Oligarchs and officials from the office of Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli investors and businessmen, mainly those heavily invested in Jewish Settlements, was not out of the blue.

America’s Bloodied Hands

As President Barack Obama steps off Air Force One and into the tarmac at Lod Airport, he should remember the bloodied hands of the United States, responsible directly and indirectly for the death and murder of tens of thousands of Israeli Jews and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Lebanese, and Egyptians.

Rookies Send Netanyahu back to School

On March 20, the time allotted by Israeli law to Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new government will expire. On the same day, President Obama will arrive in Israel, probably without Pollard.

Tear Down This Wall

I am sure Israel will not dare blind fold President Barrack Obama as he crosses from Israel to the Israeli Occupied Territories to prevent him from seeing the barbered wires and the Apartheid Wall.