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NEO – US and NATO Increasing Pressure on Turkey

“I like to joke that I’m known as Joe Bidenopoulos in the Greek-American community in Delaware,” the US President said.

Today’s Brief, Gonzalo Lira here with a wakeup call for the...

"Yellow matter custard, dripping from a dead dog's eye Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess Boy, you been a naughty girl you let your knickers down..."

Biden rolls out new China policy with Blinken’s Asian tour

Jim W. Dean - "So here we are with an arms race still rolling on, which to a degree is a no win situation for countries, because there is no end to having enough."

US Regime Change in Pakistan

Regimes have been changed by the US either through invasions, or fomenting insurgency or a political movement, or with the help of the military or the politicians in opposition.

NATO countries blew entire Stinger inventory on Ukraine – Stocks now...

"It won’t be until 2023 or even 2024 until large orders from allies to replenish their stocks begin to come in."

Why the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia yelled at Biden’s adviser

“The very fact that Riyadh is discussing the sale of oil not for dollars says that Washington has lost an ally. Haven't lost a partner yet, but yes, an ally."

Christoforou: Updates for Saturday April 23, 2022

Russia sanctions Kamala Harris and Mark Zuckerberg. Oligarch Puppet Zelensky calls for Germany to turn off Nordstream I and freeze this winter.

New Tapes Show Trump Trolling for a Pardon from Pence if...

Ivanka has already weakend her dad with her testimony on Trump's refusing to specifically tell the mob to stand down.

Biden is surrounded by a band of rogues who want to...

Press TV: A former CIA officer has said that the administration of US President Joe Biden is surrounded "by a band of rogues" who plan to destroy Russia by calling President Vladimir Putin names.

Biden bans Russian-linked ships from US ports

Biden bans Russian-linked ships from US ports and US sends Ukraine new $800 million military aid package and speeding up immigration for Ukrainians to the US.

Biden is becoming a danger to the World, Who Really Controls...

"Biden, as a comical figure can become tragic, and can make decisions that can backfire badly for America and the whole world."

Pakistan: Political Crisis, Fixation of Responsibility

Extraordinary developments at midnight on April 10, 2022 surprised Pakistan. New World Order and US destabilize Pakistani democracy.

Europe fears a possible Le Pen presidency in France as a...

But should it (Le Pen wins) happen, it would mark the end of Europe,” he said. “I don’t think the E.U. could survive that.”

Last Lie and Last Chance for Nazi’s in Mariupol

Washington continues to support the AFU, as it has done for the past ten years, just in a more open manner and on a larger scale. Major developments took place on the front lines near Izyum. In recent days, several villages to the northwest of Izyum in the Kharkiv region have come under the control of Russian forces.

Blockbuster: Biden Has Revived McCarthyism

Beyond simply returning to the cave days of the Cold War, the resurgence of McCarthyism means flirting with dangerous policies that could bring Americans into direct military confrontation with Russia.

US Dusts Off WMD Lies, This Time Aimed at Russia

The US is once again waving around accusations against its adversaries of preparing to use “chemical weapons.” This time, the accused is Russia amid ongoing military operations in Ukraine.

Bin Salman’s political opportunism and Putin

Saudi Arabia is just beginning a slow drift away from the United States, showing flexibility in negotiations with partners such as Russia and China.

Stupid wars have wrecked a lot of political careers and several...

France and the EU have brought an inflation recession down around them due to their neo Nazi love affair war in Ukrained.

Blockbuster Exclusive: VT asked Russians what is going on and they...

VT: There are things in here that won’t be found anywhere else. This information comes directly from Russian intelligence. Thus, we can’t attribute that everything here is true. We can just let you know that “they” said it. This is what journalism is supposed to be.

Today’s Suppressed Video Reports from RT

Biden. Imran Khan (Pakistan). Mariupol Ukraine. Quick and useful information.

Biden Shipping $750m of ‘Death Trap’ Junk Weapons, Worn out in...

The current attempts of Kiev to get Western artillery of completely different calibers will finish off the unlucky Ukrainian army with a probability close to 100%, because the old barrels will be left without ammunition, and the new ones may not reach the front line.

Napolitano and Ritter on Ukraine and Biden’s Bullshit

Is the security framework of Europe after the Russo-Ukrainian war going to look like what President Biden thinks it is going to look like?

Saudis Dump on Biden in Comedy Sketch

Until now, it has been rare for anyone except US comedians to openly make fun of American politicians on national television. Well, it seems that Saudi Arabia is ready to become a pioneer.

Christoforou: Putin’s War on America’s Economy…He’s Winning


Intel Drop: Trump Kids, Biden Bribes, Explosive Reveals

The DHS is Mossad and any contact with the Secret Service would involve oversight at the highest levels, which for the DHS has always been in Tel Aviv.

US Lied: Tochka that hit Train Station Has Serial Number Tied...

More war crimes on civilians while Zero fiddles.

China finally speaks out on current geopolitical intrigues

Jim W. Dean - Stoltenberg thinks we are too stupid to know that NATO invaded Ukraine with its 2014 coup, using neo-Nazis as allies.

Is USA a Failed State under Biden?

Major pieces of President Biden’s agenda remain bogged down as his approval rating is at a historic low among many demographic groups, Biden has proven to be not that popular and many view his administration as a dysfunctional one.

NATO’s Sunset Round the Corner

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov accurately described NATO for what it is – an entity ‘designed for aggression’.

Breaking News: Russia-Ukraine Talks are Proceeding

Jim W. Dean - Biden can huff and puff all he wants to play the tough guy, but his party's midterms are toast if he is still playing gladiator with Putin in the fall.

Will Biden Shoot Himself in the Foot to Impose Sanctions on...

On Thursday, President Joe Biden ordered the largest release ever from the US emergency oil reserve in a futile attempt to bring down gasoline prices that have soared to record levels following the Russo-Ukraine War.

US Cutting Back on F-35 Based on Poor Performance Compared to...

The conflict in Ukraine has clearly shown that the F-35 is clearly not the aircraft with which the Yankees can gain air supremacy and crush resistance on the ground.

Why is Washington Hampering Russia’s Peace Initiative to Ukraine?

The Biden administration doesn’t seem particularly enamored of Russian peace proposal that could bring much needed relief to the war ravaged country.

Trump’s base splinters over Ukraine saying ‘I’m glad he’s not president...

VT gots some very big issues with Donald Trump and think Biden's Misguided War is no reason to give Trump a pass.

The Prospect of Peace and its Enemies

VT Writer Gilad Atzmon asks the question; Does Biden, Johnson, and NATO want an indefinite continuation of the Ukraine War?

NATO Distances from US as Russia Flexes New Economic Muscle

The NATO alliance has decided to strengthen the defense of its own territories by deploying four additional multinational NATO combat groups of 40,000 troops in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia on a permanent basis.

Patrick Lancaster interviews Mariupol mothers with children refugees

Jim W. Dean - The news broke today that Nationalist battalions are planning to do the same to Odessa that Mariupol got, already lining the civilians up as their human shields.

Xi to Biden: don’t teach us how to live. China has decided...

China takes an independent position, including on Ukraine, and is not afraid of American threats.

Washington Persuades Turkey to Deliver S-400 to Ukraine

Texas Rep. Mike McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Politico, “The U.S. was working with allies to send more S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine.

Russia Threatens to End Diplomatic Relations with US Over Biden’s Oral...

President Joe Biden earlier called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin “a war criminal” in the wake of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to the US Ambassador John Sullivan on Monday over Biden’s comments about Vladimir Putin – remarks that, according to Moscow, put the relations between the Kremlin and the White House on the verge of being severed.

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