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Ukraine Is Not A Victim, It is Part of NWO Agenda

Come on, people. What would America do if Russia or China was attempting to build military bases on our Canadian and Mexican borders? What do you think would happen?

Tulsi Gabbard Gives Mitt Romney, Keith Olbermann One Week to Retract...

“When influential people make baseless accusations of treason in order to silence those who speak the truth, it has a chilling effect on our democracy, and cannot go unchecked,” Tulsi.

Ukraine Labs: Bioweapons Can be Used as Tool in US Low-Level...

Sputnik: The Russian Defence Ministry on 14 March announced that it has obtained additional information about the military and biological activities of the US in Ukraine, indicating numerous violations of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

Old Friends: Germany Building Bioweapons in Ukraine-Joint ReNazification

Berlin coordinated its work on biodefense with its US allies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told RT.

American ‘Scientists’ Illegally Dosed Patients at Kharkov Mental Hospital with Biowar...

From 2019 to 2021, American scientists from a laboratory in the city of Merefa… tested potentially dangerous biological drugs on patients of the Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital No. 3 in Kharkiv, a message of the Russian defense department says.

Testimony: Massive Bioweapons Production Facility Under Steele Plant, Doomsday Race Weapons

by Peter Haisenko Anderweltonline.com - Why is the fighting in Mariupol so dogged? Why did the missile attack on the Kramatorsk train station disappear from...

How US Intelligence Leaks to Media Backfired in Ukraine War?

The US intelligence assessment that Russia was preparing to use chemical weapons was widely reported in the corporate media and was a tit-for-tat response to the damning Russian exposure that Ukraine has an active biological weapons program in collaboration with Washington, in bio-labs discovered by Russian forces inside Ukraine.

A Mysterious Ukraine-Russia Debate…You Decide

But first something from "disgraced" Will Smith...which might explain why he is a CIA

Russia calls for international probe into US-led biolabs in Ukraine

  Source: TV.gab.com U.S GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON "BIOWEAPONS" STATE.GOV - On March 9, 2022, the U.S. State Department issued an Official Press Statement refuting all Bio...

Russia presents new evidence on Ukraine biolabs, comments on links to...

Russian intervention halted activities at five Ukrainian biolabs that had been working with anthrax, tularemia, brucellosis, cholera, leptospirosis, and African swine fever.

Proofs: Ukrainian Biowarfare Labs Traced

The lies and complete lack of transparency on the military-operated biolabs invite suspicion and concern.

US Claims Bioweapons in Ukraine are ‘Defensive Only’…Another Weight off Our...

Every weapon is defensive until it is used; then, depending on the circumstances, the use of the weapon changes its classification to offensive. By the current standard of Defense Department definitions, all of the biological weapons they might be developing in Ukraine would technically be classified defensive weapons. As a result, saying “there are no offensive biologic weapons” is a rather moot and irrelevant point.

It Begins: Bioweapon Infected Phony Cash Scattered Over School in...

Inside Ukraine, new strains of TB infection mysteriously showed up near US labs, where ​​​in 2020, counterfeit banknotes infected with the Asian strain of tuberculosis had been thrown out near a school, said the Vice Speaker of the State Duma.

White House Panic: Moscow Has Hunter Biden’s Alleged Germ Warfare Emails

South Front: The Russian Defense Ministry has a correspondence between Hunter Biden, the son of the President of the United States, with employees of DTRA and Pentagon contractors that is evidence of Hunter's role in providing funding for work with pathogens in Ukraine.

Proof: The US Created and Weaponized COVID in Ukraine and Georgia...

️The Russian Defence Ministry continues to study materials received from employees of Ukrainian laboratories on the implementation of military biological programs of the United States and its NATO allies in Ukraine.

Highly Censored: Jeffrey Silverman on Bioweapons Experiments on Young Soldiers

Biological agents tested on Georgian soldiers resulted in deaths.

Russia: Biden in Key Role in Bioweapons Factories in ‘Shithole’ Countries...

The Russian Ministry of Defence has unveiled emails showing Hunter Biden’s key role in funding danderous pathogen research in Ukraine.

‘US in Ukraine to Sell Weapons, Run Illegal Labs ONLY –...

Only the supply of weapons, only biological laboratories, only manual control of puppet regimes to destabilize the situation in Eurasia, ” RIA Novosti quotes Zakharova.

Caught! Kiev Planned Anthrax Attack on Russia-Donbass Using US Bio-weapons

Washington initially denied the Russian MoD’s reporting as “Russian disinformation”, but officials and media have since corroborated many of its assertions about the Pentagon's research into deadly pathogens conducted in Ukrainian laboratories.

Ukraine: US Biowarfare Labs Developed Disease Delivering Drones (DDD?)

Documents and other evidence from US-funded laboratories in Ukraine suggest that Kiev was planning to use drones to deploy pathogens against the Donbass as well as Russia, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

The Bio-Weapons Loop, Will Russia Allow the US to Drag...

Russian troops were in time at the very last moment. Any further delay would be catastrophic for the entire world.

Hunter Biden and the Mysterious Death Labs of Ukraine

Marija Zakharova of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided accusations against Hunter Biden. Zakharova has created a real timeline that explains what has happened in Ukraine, providing an indictment against the financial elites and the Pentagon’s leaders.

Russians go to UNSC Over Secret German Bioweapons Lab on Reims...

Cornelia Silaghi confirmed to Science magazine, “Yes, we have worked on parasites and received samples for them. They are in my freezer.” But the fact that the Russian government [claims we are] turning them into dangerous bioweapons, she said, is “totally crazy.”

Zakharova: Biden’s BioWar Ties

A chronoloby of America's military biological activity in Ukraine, based on open sources and leaked documents.

The Biological Bomb of Ukraine

“The Pentagon in Ukraine has actively built two biological military laboratories and has been developing pathogens there. Now they are worried that they will lose control over these laboratories,” Lavrov said.

Scholars: US DOD, Big Tech & Big Media Will Try to...

The Russian Ministry of Defence on 24 March presented new evidence that Ukraine was involved in bioweapons research, revealing that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, funded the Pentagon’s military biological programme in Ukraine via the investment fund Rosemont Seneca.

US Produced Sarin Gas Used in Syria in Ukraine Lab

Journalists Jeffrey Silverman and Lika Moshiashvili are credited with having discovered the secret illegal operations taking place in the US-controlled Central Reference Laboratory (CPHRL) near Tbilisi.

6 Million Dead: Germans Track Corona Virus Source to Ukraine-Georgia US...

Documented: The US has been conducting research on bat coronaviruses in Georgia and Ukraine.

Russians Report Hunter Biden in Bed with DOD Contractor that probably...

The head of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological defense forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, has stated that the Hunter Biden Investment Fund participated in the financing of the Pentagon’s military biological program in Ukraine, which purportedly could be engaged in the development of biological weapons.

Ukrainian Flu: Millions Dead, 20 to 1 Unvaxxed Morons Since...

Sen. Marco Rubio: Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons? Victoria Nuland: Ukraine has biological research facilities and we’re concerned Russian troops may be seeking to gain control of, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how we can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russia.

U.S. Lied About Funding “Dangerous Pathogen” Research in Secret Ukrainian Biolabs,...

According to internal documents, Pentagon contractors were given full access to all Ukrainian biolaboratories which handled dangerous pathogens, while independent experts were denied even a visit. The new revelations challenge the U.S. government statement that the Pentagon just funded biolaboratories in Ukraine but had nothing to do with them.

US biolaboratories in Ukraine: Americans planned to poison Crimea and its...

Entire groups of infected living organisms were supposed to fall on the Crimean expanses from American laboratories beyond Perekop. This is the conclusion that the Russian defense department made after analyzing the unique trophies obtained as a result of a special operation in Ukraine. The bacteriological attack on the Crimea began even before the start of the current military events.

Russian MoD Names Curator of Pentagon-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine, Releases Original...

The Russian Ministry of Defence has released fresh details about the US military-funded biolabs operating in Ukraine, including a trove of original documentation. The MoD also revealed that Joanna Wintrol, the US Defence Threat Reduction Agency’s liason officer at the US Embassy in Kiev, has been serving as one of the programme’s curators.

Russia promises more disclosures on Ukraine biolabs

Human samples from a Kharkov lab were evacuated to the UK and other European countries, the military claims.

Is there something ‘Jewish/Zionist’ about the American Bioweapons Program?

Does the billionaire cabal support population reduction and eugenics?

Francis Boyle: Biological Warfare Labs in Ukraine Confirmed/Proven

Francis Boyle, JD, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, and the leading expert on biological weapons emphatically states that the labs found in Ukraine by Russian troops are funded and run by the USA. The thousands of scientists working in these labs all over the world he calls, Death Scientists.

Pentagon’s Bat Disease Research/Weaponization Facilities in Georgia/Ukraine

Two years ago, I investigated an alleged laboratory accident at the Lugar Center, the Pentagon bio-laboratory in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, which had resulted in the death of two Filipinos working in the laboratory. The death cases were hidden by the local authorities but I recorded on camera witnesses who testified about this tragic incident.

Are Ukies Training Birds for Counter Attack on Russia?

This project studies the possibility of the spread of dangerous infections via migratory birds, including highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza (the so-called bird flu), which has a mortality rate of up to 50% for humans, and the Asian bird plague.

Ukrainian biolaboratories, “which do not exist”. The American media began to ask...

Warning: Russian based media source. Ukraina: In recent days, the topic of American biological laboratories in Ukraine has been raised by some central US media, and we are no longer talking about ridiculing and denying such information. It seems that in the US, more and more they understand that this is serious.