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Gun shots, rape, and BLM madness

Where are the very people who are interested in looting and rioting communities in Minnesota, California, Oregon, etc.?

Turmoil at Home, Turmoil Abroad

Phil Giraldi - In reality, taking action to destroy a nation’s economy is an act of war, just as much as staging attacks using bombs carried by spies or using missiles fired from planes.

Disband the police and elect sheriffs

No constitutional traditionalists ever wanted the police, not in America, and not even in Great Britain from which America imported the idea. In America we have Sheriffs elected and answerable to the people who gave them the job.

Orgy of heritage hate in Portsmouth, VA, while cops just watch

Jim W. Dean - Taking these monuments down is not going to make anybody in the community better off financially, create new jobs, or reflect well on a city as a friendly tourist destination. 

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