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Trump Scares Nation with Fake News, Pictures of Border Wall

Trumps hour-long hyperbolic speech outlined US$1.5 trillion infrastructure plan including plans for building border wall.

Syrian War Report – February 27, 2018: Turkey Gains Control Of...

...from SouthFront On February 26, The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army linked the TAF-held area in western Aleppo and southwestern Afrin...

Is Erdogan all talk and no action on US-Kurdish border force?

Jim W. Dean - Erdogan begins shelling the outskirts of Afrin, but he will once again be using proxy refugee camp mercenaries as FSA fronts for infantry. His troops prefer to stay out of rifle range, which helps keep up their fighting spirit.

Will US-SDF new 30,000 border force trigger a Turkish attack?

Jim W. Dean - The US is really jerking Erdogan's chain here. The announcing of this "border force" is nothing more than Washington telling everyone that it is staying in Syria's Kurdistan

Syrian-Iraqi War Report – December 20, 2017: Iran Deploys Reinforcemenst On...

...from SouthFront Syrian government forces have continued to develop momentum in southern Idlib and liberated Tal Afghar from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the...

Moscow scrambles fighter jet after detecting US spy plane approaching Russian...

A Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jet © Sputnik Editor's note:  Since VT is continually accused by the fake blogosphere of being paid by Russia, we might...

Iraqi forces take control over all Kurdistan border posts

Jim W. Dean - As I am writing, breaking news tells us that Barzani will address the Kurdish Parliament on Sunday to discuss "a national question". The speculation is that he might not extend his presidential term past November 1.

US rebuilding terrorists along Syria border areas

US officers are reorganizing terrorists in the Syria's shared borders with Iraq and Jordan after the terrorist group's recent defeats, an expert on Arab world development said on Wednesday.

20 terrorists killed, one-third of border area liberated by Lebanese army

The Lebanese people have no desire to let ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) continue the long history of Zionist incursions into their country.

Syria & Iraq War Report – August 9, 2017: Tensions Grow...

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and tribal forces fighters have liberated Jabir, Numaysah, Khamisiyah and Wadi Susah near the important ISIS-held town of Maadan in the province of Raqqah.

Chinese tourist awarded $461k after beaten by US border guard

A Chinese woman was awarded $460,800 after suing the US government for an incident in which she was brutally injured and arrested by a...

China blames India for triggering military standoff near border

Jim W. Dean - The never ending border dust ups between China and India seems to be never ending. There are are no resources there to fight over, and from a strategic defense view, the huge mountain ranges are natural border defenses for both sides.

Battle with Nusra Front at Syria-Lebanon border 85% done: Hezbollah

Jim W. Dean - We are watching another unsettling event for the US coalition, another successful combined operations anti-terrorism offensive against a long held terrorist base on the Lebanese-Syrian border against Al -Nusra, which the US has been giving a free pass.

Beating on a Wall: US Policy to Control Iraq-Syria Border Is...

The problem is, the allied forces of Iran, Syria, Russia and Hezbollah have won the war. They only need time to mop up the remaining terrorist groups. The US is in the know. That’s why it tangles over the shape of postwar Syria and Iraq.

Breaking: Iraqi Popular Militias reach Syria border

Jim W. Dean - This long fought for event is being called a Ramadan miracle, but these are advance recon units who have done this. There is still a lot of ISIS-held territory behind these PMU border tip-of-the-spear people, that will need clearing,

Russian Forces Deploy near Syria’s Border with Jordan

Jim W. Dean - Russian would not be putting regular army combat units into the Syria conflict now unless it was responding to the US coalition already having done so, to hold the line while the 100,000+ strong Iraqi Popular Militia Forces can help secure the Syrian Eastern border.

Breaking – Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria declare US proxies will...

Jim W. Dean - We have tactical video Intel from a Popular Militia Forces commander that a coordinated military operation is already in progress...consisting of Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria to make sure that their border area can never be used as a conduit for terrorists.

Syrian War Report – May 19, 2017: US-Led Forces Fights With...

...from SouthFront Warplanes operating under the US-led coalition carried out airstrikes against a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) convoy advancing along the Al-Tanf-Damascus-Baghdad international road. The...

Why We Need a Whistle-Blower in US Customs and Border Protection

What we do know about the US Customs and Border Protection—the federal agency that oversees our country’s international trade, immigration services, and the increasingly militarized Border Patrol—is worrying.

Syrian War Report – April 10, 2017: US Deploys Forces At...

...from SouthFront The US military is reportedly concentrating troops and military equipment at the Syrian-Jordanian border. Local sources said that about 20 US Army armoured...

Johnny Punish Discusses Trump Plan to Separate Women and Children Who...

PressTV discusses border issues with VT writer, musician, and artist Johnny Punish

Trump Transition Team Contacted personally by Lee Wanta (Part II)

In addition to his high speed maglev railroad design, Lee Wanta has a plan to construct a canal from the Gulf to the Pacific Ocean along the border between the USA and Mexico.

Balochistan Blasts and the Issue of Pak-Afghan Border

Recent blasts in Balochistan show that the US-led India and Israel have again started acts of sabotage in the province to weaken Pakistan and to sabotage the CPEC.

Thousands of Saudi-Backed Terrorists Ready to Enter Syria via Jordan

These moves are part of Erdogan's putting pressure on the US after the coup, wanting Gulen turned over by using all the levers at his disposal, including the announcement to begin bombing operations inside Syria, which might include Kurdish positions.

Poroshenko puts all units on border with Crimea, in Donbass on...

Today we have this reaction from Poroshenko that appears rather aggressive and suggests an escalation of the situation is about to occur. We shall continue to watch Ukraine closely in the coming days.

Israeli company shows interest in making Trump’s US-Mexico border wall

This is just another example of the madness of Trump; he wants to treat Mexicans like the Israelis treat the Gazans. One wonders what...

Syrian army repels major Al-Nusra offensive on Syrian-Turkish border as rebel...

Jim W. Dean - This Alice in Wonderland scenario of a Syrian ceasefire continues to roll on, where the US is seeking to undermine it to get Assad out of power before the next elections are held.

Russian fighter jets destroy ISIS oil facilities close to Turkish border

The video released on Thursday shows Russian jets hitting oil reservoirs located on territory under Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) control.

Why? US to deploy advanced rocket launchers on Turkish-Syrian border

The US will deploy sophisticated rocket launchers on Turkey's border with Syria to target Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria's northwest.

Illegal oil traffic across Syrian-Turkish border continues — Lavrov

Illegal oil traffic across the Syrian-Turkish border is still observed, Moscow insists on full compliance with UN Security Council resolutions demanding cessation of trade with terrorists, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday following talks with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

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