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Georgia’s Raffensberger takes the Georgia fight to Trump

Jim W. Dean - The Republican party's effective endorsement of the Steal and fully supporting the Insurrection was a political act of war.

Breaking News: Georgia names Donald Trump in criminal election fraud probe

Donald Trump named as subject of criminal voter fraud investigation to which there can be no possible claim of immunity, and faces one to three years in prison in Georgia.

Judge threatens legal sanctions for frivolous Trump Steal injunction request

This is the first Trump Steal legal proceeding where I have seen "sanctions" brought up by the judge for not only filing a frivoulous injunction suit, but foregoing even notifying those being targeted.

GA Sec of State accuses Republicans of ‘making bold-faced lies’

Jim W. Dean - I can already smell the two Repub GA Senator contestants making "The Steal" part of their campaigns to rile up the base.