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NEO – World Teetering on the Brink says Federal Reserve and...

Are we nearing a tipping point where one bad misstep could bring the house of cards all tumbling down?

US Trade policy and Brexit pose major risks for European economy...

Brussels stated on Wednesday that it was reducing economic growth forecasts for the EU, emphasizing the risk posed by "any further escalation of trade tensions".

Nigel Farage says he’s ready to get into bed with Boris

A Boris-Farage union would be an extremely bad thing for Britain and the whole world, as the pair of them work for the same intra-national criminal cabal and would dutifully obey orders to send British armed forces to join their US counterparts in a war against Iran.

Brits imploding over Brexit

Jim W. Dean - I have long posed that the EU is more concerned with not letting the British Brexit be successful to the point where others want to follow.

Financial firms move over $1 trillion out of Britain. Guess Why?

Jim W. Dean - If there is one thing banksters and even legitimate financial firms do not like it is instability and uncertainty.

Brexit: Rats begin leaving the Labour ship

A group of seven perpetually-whingeing MPs has quit the UK Labour Party to go independent. They are Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela...

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