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We hanged Nazis for doing what is in this article –...

A Lebanese newspaper wrote that it has gained access to an email from the British embassy in the US which reveals Washington's 5-paragraph plan to disintegrate Syria.

Silly fake threats from fake British General

Jim W. Dean - Nothing is more pitiful and a worse reflection on a military officer corp than to hype or even fabricate threats, in order to have something to do.

British Treachery: Balfour Declaration vs Hussein-McMahon Agreement

Recently, much had been said and written about Balfour Declaration, its devastating effects on Palestine, and the British centenary celebration of the document. Yet, nobody has mentioned the Hussein-McMahon agreement where Britain promised Hussein to establish an Independent Arabia in the region if Hussein launched the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire.

Balfour Merrymaking Potential PR disaster for British government

Lord Arthur Balfour's 1917 pledge and its consequences, played out over the last 70 years, ride roughshod over Christian values and humanitarian law. Rothschild replied...

British Tabloid Shamefully Beats Drums of War with Russia

Putin it not preparing to invade Europe, neither is there any 'increasing Russian aggression', this is an utter falsehood and a most egregious one as it is no joke to fabricate such lies about something so serious as a major war in Europe.

British MPs slam Sun over using ‘Nazi-like language’ regarding Muslims

More than 100 cross-party politicians in Britain have signed an open letter demanding action over a column in The Sun for "using Nazi-like language" regarding the Muslim community in Britain.

The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979

The coup against the Shah was run by British and American intelligence, with the bombastic American, Brzezinski, taking public 'credit' for getting rid of the 'corrupt' Shah, while the British characteristically remained safely in the background.

British Media Heavily Biased Against Corbyn

The British media, including the BBC has been virulently anti-Corbyn ever since he became leader of the Labour Party. This is because the Establishment genuinely fears him as he is very unlike the usual party leaders. Corbyn is a man of principle, an honest, decent human being and a true man of the people who eschews the usual trappings of power and it's privileges and perks.

Assange, Wikileaks and how Israel enslaved the British

While few would dispute that a tangled web surrounds his public image, many fail to discern that Assange is practising deception; in fact, it is his raison d'etre, he and his Wikileaks organisation are a front for what the CIA correctly identified as a “hostile intelligence service”; VT will go further and identify them as Israel's Mossad.

British woman fighting against ISIS in Syria says MI5 targeting her...

The first British female fighter to join the battle against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria says UK intelligence agency MI5 is targeting...

Israel murders British policeman and innocent tourists in heart of British...

Make no mistake, there was nothing fake about the terror attack in London. There were no crisis actors, no hollywood style fake blood, people died, others were maimed, a veteran policeman was butchered. The terrorist was shot and killed, all of this is sadly all too real.

British troops in Estonia to counter Russia

The first British troops have arrived in Estonia as part of NATO's response to Russian aggression.

Port Wine: A History of Portugal

The Wines of Portugal; A History

Dozens of nuclear alerts underreported by British MoD, new study reveals

  The UK Ministry of Defense has been accused of downplaying the real dangers stemming from the UK nuclear deterrent after the report by a...

British Parliament turns nose up at Racist, Sexist Trump

As the BBC just reported, House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has said he would be "strongly opposed" to US President Donald Trump addressing the Houses of Parliament during his state visit to the UK. Mr Bercow told MPs that "opposition to racism and sexism" were "hugely important considerations".

Top British general given £100k for home upkeep… while soldiers live...

One of Britain’s top generals was given £100,000 ($125,000) just to cover “domestic assistance” at his plush London home last year, despite the daily...

Impeachable Treason: Trump accused of betraying dossier leakers to ‘KGB’

President Donald Trump, according to sources, including a Reuters story, began passing on the information in high level briefing he was receiving as President-Elect as early as December 2016, leading to the "neutralization" of two top CIA assets in Russia.

British Intelligence Agency behind White Helmets’ Lies in Syria

A Russian newspaper said in a report that the White Helmets Organization is behind the fake reports about Russia's airstrikes in Syria, adding that the organization is run by British agents.

UK under threat of possible Daesh attack, British spy chief says

Quite clearly, the head of MI6 is talking utter bilge, the very idea that Daesh terrorists in Syria are plotting to attack the UK is ludicrous. There is no Daesh, in reality, it is a cover story for the machinations of the proxy forces controlled by the US, NATO, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

British spies monitor Israeli diplomats, with help from US and Jordan...

Former US intelligence contractor and whistle blower Edward Snowden. © Dagens Nyheter / AFP British secret services have been spying on Israel’s diplomats, defense firms,...

Confirmation: British Pegida leader is an Israeli op

Tommy Robinson is scum, a piece of foetid fecal matter in human form, a man who loves nothing more than beating women and indulging in a bit of casual violence against anyone less white than himself. He's also a career criminal and a leading figure in the far-right racist fringe of British politics.

British Government closes bank accounts of Russia Today

The decision by a majority-British government-owned bank to stop servicing RT UK’s accounts could not have been taken by the institution independently, Russia’s foreign minister says. The British government denies any involvement in the situation.

French, British Diplomats’ Visit to Western Iran Aimed at Gathering Intelligence...

Russian media outlets claimed that the recent visit by the French and British diplomats to Kermanshah province in Western Iran was aimed at gathering intelligence on the country's airbase in Hamadan.

Theresa May to Become British PM on Wednesday

May(be) the Next Iron Lady? All You Need to Know About Britain's New PM MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Outgoing UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday...

8-10 million Iranians died over Great Famine caused by the British...

I had never heard of this famine before, shocking to realise that million of people can die and the wider world doesn't now a thing about it.

Sunset on the British Empire

The sad, sorry Bremains of a people that held so much of the world in their hands, cowered by power, drained of spirit, scared senseless by naked psyop.

NEO – British Overload, a Nation Drowning in Lies

Jim W. Dean - Yes, Gordon was a bit angry when he wrote this, which has always contributed to some of his best work. We really don't know who to blame the most for rolling over on all of these phony terror wars. Most of them are run by Intelligence agencies .

British Foreign Secretary criticised over plans to deploy troops to Libya

by  Ian Greenhalgh The Syrians are winning against the head choppers, that is clear. Since Russia stepped in to assist Assad's forces we have seen...

New British Empire? UK to re-establish military bases east of Suez

The Albion Class assault Ship HMS Bulwark of the British Royal Navy advances in the northbound lane of the Suez Canal, close to the...

Investigation of British elite child abuse scandal continues to be sidetracked

The ongoing saga of the British Elite paedophile ring - the powerful child abusers who constitute the ruling elite, took it's latest turn towards farce this week with the complaint of the 92 year old Lord Bramall, Field Marshall and former head of the British Army.