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Al-Qaeda removed from Canada & U.S. terror watch-list

The Syrian branch of al-Qaeda changed its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), and is now officially removed from the U.S. and Canadian terror watchlists.

My attorney’s demand letter to B’nai B’rith (re: “Holocaust denial” libel)

Why is B'nai B'rith so afraid of me that they are trying to plant a "holocaust denial" libel to stop me from entering Canada – and hinder my speaking and writing career? The likely answer is that it has nothing to do with the Holocaust, and everything to do with my work on 9/11 and other false flag operations.

Wetbacks in Reverse? Ernst Zundel banned forever from Land of the...

After 14 years of legal wrangling, costing millions of dollars to both sides, the US government has ruled on discretionary grounds by an unelected bureaucrat, Ron Rosenberg of the US Department of Homeland Security, that Ernst Zundel is banned from joining his family in the US.

Think Canada is a progressive paradise? That’s mooseshit

This is not helping, Mr Prime Minister. Photograph: Justin Trudeau on Facebook Jesse Brown What comes to mind? A progressive wonderland of polite manners and majestic...

Who Rules the Anglosphere?

America’s real rulers have access to immense fortunes, operate behind the scenes, and enjoy near-absolute power.

Canada, a Major Gold Producer, is now a “Gold Free Zone?”

Canada has used up all of its gold reserves. For the first time since 1935 the country is out of gold. The volume of gold...

It’s the Geopolitics, stupid!

Geopolitics determines domestic policy. Geopolitics determines domestic policy. Geopolitics determines domestic policy. This is apparent in the client country "Canada", where no sovereignty is allowed, and where...

Will Canada Follow Through With Its $15 Billion Saudi Arms Deal?

In 2014, Stephen Harper's Conservative government signed a controversial $15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Two years later, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals...

Canada to quit coalition’s anti-ISIS airstrikes by Feb 22, triple special...

Ottawa will not participate in airstrikes carried out by the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria and Iraq from February 22, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced on Monday.

Gilad Atzmon’s Expert Witness Testimony at Arthur Topham’s criminal trial –...

Jews are neither a race nor they are a biological entity, but Jewish politics is always racist or at least driven by racial orientation!

New PM Tells Obama Canada to Withdraw Fighter Jets From Syria,...

Mere hours after defeating Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau has told US President Obama that he will withdraw Canadian jets from Syria...

Jack English is a Palestinian from Canada: Theft of Paradise

Jack English - This is Pacific Rim: The Theft of Paradise. And, it is the story of a father and this two young children up against a consortium of some of the most evil and ruthless billion dollar corporations on the planet and our own Government.

Women’s Right to Go Topless? Oh, Brother!

People always appeal to the moral law whenever they get into trouble. It is almost the same thing with some of the women who have accused Bill Cosby

Goodnight America: Does Bible Belong in our Classrooms?

* WARNING:  Explicit and Strong Language News Topics: John McCain Loses Proposal for Arizona Pyramid, Idaho Legislatures Try to Use Bible as Textbook for Science...

Canada Bans Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Theories

Why is my Charlie Hebdo book so sensitive they won't let me talk about it in Canada?

Canadians, before you vote, remember the Liberals

It is a federal election year in Canada. The 2015 election is unpredictable and could be a game-changer. Here is my advice to Canadian voters.

Disappearing freedom of speech in Canada,

My main overriding message is far from new: that freedom of thought, opinion, and expression is the very basis of a fair society.

Police kill shooter and lose suspect in Ottawa — Canada’s 911?

I live in Canada's capital city Ottawa, walking distance from where a Canadian soldier was murdered at the War Memorial on the morning of October 22, 2014.

The Jewish Takeover of Canada: The Case of Arthur Topham

- Has Canada been taken over by Jews? It would seem so, if the relentless persecution of Canadian patriot & freedom fighter Arthur Topham is anything to go on.

Rogue Courts in Canada Trample Self-Represented Litigants

In this article I describe the phenomenon in Canada of systemic and often egregious judicial and legal system bias against self-represented litigants.

How Canada’s NDP enables and seeks to participate in the Israel...

It is no longer a question of serious debate whether Israel's intentions and actions constitute genocide, versus less serious crimes against humanity, or simple war crimes [1].

The Intended Roles of the Israel-Lobby and of Israel in the...

Several misguided commentators have advanced that Canada's unconditional support for Israel is the result of Christian Zionist ideology.

Israel’s attempted genocide must fail — Lessons from Canada’s genocide

The Zionist Project is to eradicate all Palestinians who make claim to a home in Palestine. The Zionist Project is exactly what Israel has...

The Canadian Museum and the Giant Picnic on June 7, 2014

The Canadian Museum and the Giant Picnic to commemorate D Day were enjoyable events.

Saturn Eats His Children

In an open letter from the Brussels, Rev. Kevin Annett reflects on the nightmarish journey he has taken to see the Catholic Church and the House of Windsor brought to justice. He also reminds us of all those who have died to bring this new day upon us.

Mass Murder of Canadian Children Admitted

- Canada and its churches, the British Crown and the Vatican stand guilty as charged.

Criticize Israel – Go to Jail!

Recently Prof. James Fetzer invited me to contribute to The Real Deal radio platform on a regular basis. The Real Deal has been one of the most distinguished venues for discussions about all the censored subjects that have been of import in recent years. Canada's Prime Minister Harper is surrounded by members of the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch in Ottawa

PressTV: Confirmed – Canada 2011 polls fraudulent

The Canadian Federal Court has confirmed that the country’s 2011 federal election, which led to the victory of Stephen Harper's government, was fraudulent. The court emphasized in a Thursday ruling that it has found in no uncertain terms that widespread election fraud took place during the vote.

Judging an Anti-Aboriginal Ruling of BC’s Chief Judge

This essay, together with a series of earlier articles highlighting Idle No More and the case of Kwitsel Tatel, have helped draw international attention to the accelerating assault by the government of Canada on Indigenous peoples and their remaining Aboriginal estate.

Doug Christie – Rest in Peace

Doug Christie was a veritable star in various Canadian court venues - the likes of which the Lobby that plagues us all with all their lies.

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