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NYPD veteran Thomas Webster Convicted of Assaulting officer in Capitol Riot

Jim W. Dean - The militia people may all be looking at full insurrection convictions besides the few that might roll over on the others.

Feds agree to pay $6.1M to create database for Capitol riot...

Jim W. Dean - If the Trump org does go down with his banks calling in their loans, he will only have his campaign grift to fund his legal defense.

Capitol Hill police officer breaks his silence after attempted siege

Jim W. Dean - Officer Harry Dunn held off doing an interview until he was ready.

Congressional staffers make history demanding Senate convict Trump

Jim W. Dean - The Banana Republicans will now also be stained with not giving a crap about their staff.

Trump Impeachment Day 2 – Dem prosecutors take us inside the...

Jim W. Dean - Call me a bad boy, but from what I saw at all the main door crashings, the use of lethal force could have stopped it, orange haired pretend-a-god.

Donald Trump vs the United States

History might view this Trump to Biden change of government as that of the Vandals to the Age of Enlightenment.

Trump sits back, watching State parties attack Repubs who voted against...

Jim W. Dean - The post Capitol coup poll a few days ago showed 45% of Republicans still totally on board the event.

Trump leaves QAnon idots at the altar, with tears galore

Jim W. Dean - Trump is now going to get to enjoy what it is like having a bunch of crazy followers wanting to hang him.

Mutiple agencies hunting Capitol police who assisted/supported rioters

I have no sympathy for those with these well paying jobs with great benefits who spit on the rest of us by supporting insurrection.