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Russia calls Britain’s new aircraft carrier ‘convenient target’

The Russian military mocked Britain's new aircraft carrier on Thursday, saying the HMS Queen Elizabeth presented "a large convenient target" and would be wise to keep its distance from Moscow's warships.

U.S. Amassing Spy Planes Off Syria, Aircraft Carrier to Arrive in...

Amid rising tensions over alleged Syrian preparations for chemical attack, three of the U.S.'s most important spy planes were spotted snooping off Syria's coast

Russia’s Tu-95MS ‘Bear’ Strategic Bomber And Missile Carrier

...from SouthFront USSR’s first genuinely intercontinental bomber, the Tu-95 is practically a contemporary of the US B-52 Stratofortress, having entered operational service in 1956 at...

Brazil decommissioning only aircraft carrier, Sao Paulo

São Paulo was meant to replace the carrier Minas Gerais, which was formerly the British Navy's HMS Vengeance and served that country from 1957 to 2001.

Iran wants stronger maritime capabilities, including an aircraft carrier

Iran's Deputy Navy Commander for Coordination, Admiral Peiman Jafari Tehrani, admitted his country needs better military equipment, including but not limited to the building of a new aircraft carrier, as cited by semi-official Fars news agency.

Carrier Takes Down Trump, Fool or Con Man?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Already playing president, much like Reagan our "acting president," Trump "saved" a thousand American jobs today by convincing Carrier, the...

Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier Group Saved Syria From US Cruise Missile Strikes

Moscow's decision to send a fleet of warships, led by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, to the eastern Mediterranean may have saved the Syrian military from getting bombed by the US, according to military expert Vladimir Evseev.

Russian Scientists Develop Nuclear-Powered Underwater Drone Carrier

This concept is meant to function as a mobile platform capable of delivering the drones to deployment areas and at the same time to provide them with power, maintain their technical readiness and collect the data relayed by them.

China Readies First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier and a Fleet of Destroyers

As tensions continue to mount over disputed territories of the South China Sea, Beijing’s Navy is undergoing a renaissance of enhanced capability that may soon rival the maritime might of the West.

Syrian War Report – July 5, 2016: Russian Aircraft Carrier to...

...from SouthFront Russia will send more advanced aircraft, including K-52 helicopter gunships, to Syria in order to strengthen the Russian military grouping that takes part...

Russia Defense Report: Aircraft Carrier Program

Aircraft carriers have assumed the role of naval capital ships during World War 2 and have not relinquished it since.

9 intriguing facts about the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

Today I reported that the Russians are sending their aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, to the Mediterranean to intervene in the Syrian conflict.

Birth of the Chinese Aircraft Carrier Force

...from SouthFront People’s Liberation Army Navy officials acknowledged the existence of the first indigenously built aircraft carrier for the PLAN on December 31st, 2015. The...

America’s Newest Aircraft Carrier: A $15 Billion Floating Graveyard?

If worst comes to worst, Russia's latest hypersonic missiles could make the America's newest aircraft carrier design, the Ford class, a 'floating graveyard', says...