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BREAKING! Mutant Strain of COVID is 100% LETHAL (Satire)

“What we’re saying, basically, is that everybody who catches this disease is going to die...”

Early US massive failure emerging on US Covid-19 response

Jim W. Dean - Some very hard decisions are going to have to made when the dying is done, starting with new international agreements on when to shut air travel down with an early infected country.

What Next? Former Spy Reflects on How President Trump Can...

Robert Steele provides a final overview of the fake pandemic and outlines five specific things the President can do to escape from is clearly very thin ice.

Virus front line medical people still exposed due to Trump poor...

Jim W. Dean - The lack of basic equipment even for front line medical workers could be hard for Trump to survive when this is over, and many have gotten sick and died.

CDC Update on COVID-19

Health Editor's Note: Take time to listen to the telebriefing or read the transcript. This is an update released today, Friday/February 29, 2020...Carol CDC Telebriefing...

Corona Virus: Fake Pandemic is OVER, Praise for WHO

Robert David Steele provides a holistic analysis of the fake pandemic and information war against China calling for a full US-China investigation of Bill Gates

WHO Objects to Robert Steele’s Saying It’s Radiation Sickness, Not a...

Robert David Steele posted a new commentary today, under three minutes, on the nature of the global epidemic of radiation sickness. Within the hour WHO was calling various editors telling them not to allow Steele to express the views of his experts.

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