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The Rise and Fall of the Alt-Right

Can the Alt-Right really survive with an existentially repugnant and morally groundless ideology? If Kant and Hegel are right, then the answer is no.

False Flag Weekly News breaks down Charlottesville, Barcelona and more

Please share good alternative information - like this show - extra-hard on social media to make up for Google's tweaked anti-alt algorithms!

ADL reports 1000% surge in online donations after Charlottesville rally

The Anti-Defamation League received 10 times as much money as usual from online donations in response to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Charlottesville Events: An Example of Wider Gap in US Society

Charlottesville events in the US Southeastern state of Virginia was an example that once again unveiled deep differences in the US society.

The Charlottesville Operation

It’s been a good week for the DVD. Their number two target in the Administration, after the President himself, Steve Bannon, has been forced out, crippling the White House.

Top US Generals Issue Veiled Criticism of Donald Trump’s Charlottesville Comments

Two senior US military officers made what has been interpreted as veiled criticism of Donald Trump in the wake of his comments about the Nazi-led violence in Charlottesville.

Charlottesville violence blame game

I have been talking about Charlottesville on Press TV (above), as well as in interviews with Richie Allen and Charlottesville resident and notable peace activist David Swanson. 

Three CEOs Resign from Trump Council over Charlottesville Stance

The rats are leaving the sinking ship, and make no mistake, Trump is a sinking ship. He has mishandled the Charlottesville fiasco so badly that he is now reduced to refusing to answer questions about his facile, pathetic response, instead, all he can do is reply 'you're Fake News'. Could he look any more incompetent or pathetic?

Protestors Target Trump in Rallies after Deadly Charlottesville Clash

Thousands of people in New York City and Washington D.C. gathered Sunday to protest President Trump’s response to the deadly violence that broke out at a white supremacist rally in Virginia over the weekend.

Charlottesville False Flag Hoax

Was Charlottesville staged? I don't think so. Provoked? Maybe.

Ohio man charged with murder after ramming car into Charlottesville protesters...

Police have identified James Alex Fields as the driver of the car that smashed into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters and another vehicle during Charlottesville rallies.

Ernst Zundel and the Charlottesville alt-right riots

I was thinking of the late Ernst Zundel while watching surreal video of the alt-right riots in Charlottesville.

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