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#UNRIG Video (32:05) World Champion Boxer on Bullying and Drinking and...

David Rodriguez, world champion boxer, on being bullied as a child, turning into a bully, growing into a champion, and how children need to be saved today.

NIH Seeks to Identify Children at Risk for Severe Complication of...

Research effort will develop tests to predict severe COVID-19-linked illness.

What are the Chances of Schools Reopening in the Fall?

As communities struggle with the decision over whether to open up schools, the research so far offers unsatisfying answers

The Debate – Saudis & Child-Killer Blacklist

The UN says Saudi Arabia is still killing children, but not quite as many as last year, so that's OK.

NIH: Study to Evaluate Drugs to Treat Children With COVID-19

Researchers will assess dosage, metabolism and other properties not yet determined in children.

NIH Begins Study of Coronavirus Infection in U.S. Children

Preliminary evidence suggests that having an allergic condition paradoxically may reduce a person’s susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe COVID-19 disease.

Covid-19’s biggest losers: billions of children

"1.5 billion children have been affected by school closures amid the coronavirus pandemic, estimating that the ongoing crisis could be 'potentially catastrophic for millions of children.'"

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