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NEO – Geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting

Jim W. Dean - I got the idea for the title from comments in General Mattis’ new book, No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy. He holds the position as the most respected person in the Trump administration so far.

NEO – UAE turns its gaze to the East

Jim W. Dean - The geopolitical alignment is in motion, with the US Gulf States coalition showing signs of fear toward the US' unipolar march across the world.

From Arctic to Arabian Sea and West by Southwest A Concept...

When I think of Russia, I think of three core facts about Russia: eleven time zones’ worth of real estate loaded with valuable minerals...

China’s oil imports from Iran rise despite US threats

...by Press TV, Tehran - First published ... August 27, 2019 - China imported more than 900,000 metric tons of crude oil from Iran in July,...

Is Trump or Adderall running the country?

Jim W. Dean - I am not being disrespectful to the presidency by using this title. Trump has worked hard to earn it.

NEO -The West is failing to overthrow “Regimes”

Jim W. Dean - Spending time with the victims of the international gangsters makes a lasting impression on you, unless you are one cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch.

US calls China ‘thuggish’ for revealing ‘behind the scenes hand’ in...

Jim W. Dean - The US kept the dollar high for a long time, as it brought the price of our huge import appetite down and curbed inflation.

China’s new Silk Road trade expands to over $600 billion in...

Jim W. Dean - Neither the US nor Europe has even considered a similar program to the New Silk Road, choosing the bankster-serf-military industrial complex method instead.

NEO – China and the Conclusion of American Power

Jim W. Dean - Christopher Black has another solid article for us on the three way China-Taiwan-Western neo-colonialist bruha.

Brainwashed and insane – Fighters injected into countries

“We are terribly scared of Uyghurs; of their crimes. I don’t even want to remember what has happened. I had to flee with my four children, on a motorbike, like in some crazy movie…”

NEO – US vs China: Smartphone Wars

Jim W. Dean - Once again, Trump's playing a hard hand has pushed another country into retrenching, forcing it to replace US suppliers forever in its major business projects.

Strategic contention over Ports: Pakistan’s Gwadar vs Iran’s Chabahar

China and Pakistan have been working overtime to woo Iran and integrate it into their strategic nexus against India.

NEO – The West’s losing battle for Hong Kong

Jim W. Dean - What both sides want might be unobtainable, so the big question is, can a compromise be reached that both can live with?

NEO – Panda diplomacy much better than mafia extortion of collapsing...

Jim W. Dean - The US rightfully does not want to maintain the large China balance of payments deficit and has strong bipartisan political support.

Is Beijing 30 year plan to beat US weaponry a fantasy?

Beijing has a plan to technically outpace the US military by 2049 and develop the ability to wage war on its own terms.

Oil prices drop as demand concerns rise over US-China trade war...

Jim W. Dean - Fears are growing that the US sanctions sledgehammer has become the anchor of US foreign policy and will eventually turn into a wrecking ball.

VT proven right in predicting Russia-China economic integration

Russia and China took another step away from the US dollar after the two countries agreed to develop bilateral trade using the ruble and the yuan.

Nuclear Deal Implementation only viable way to ease tensions: China

In its Friday quarterly report, the IAEA said Iran's increased stocks of key nuclear materials are still within the limits set by the JCPOA.

Is gunboat diplomacy alive and well between the US and China?

Jim W. Dean - Among all the other UN countries, only the US openly displays its ability to solve trade disputes via the military option.

NEO – Truth or Consequences in the Russian Arctic

While the potential riches of the Arctic have been extensively written about, so have the unknowns of what the long term costs and future problems could be.

US alarmed as China flexes military muscle with bases

The Trump-Bolton-Pompeo axis views the US as having the right to deploy the military anywhere it wants to accomplish its unipolar dominance.

Iran, Russia navies to stage joint drill in Persian Gulf

Jim W. Dean - This is a game changer for the US and NATO plans, in terms of isolating Iran or engaging it militarily at a point of its choosing.

US trade deficit soars despite Trump tariffs

Is Trump burning down international trade while trying to fix it?

Beijing and Moscow to NWO: Maduro stays

We should give two thumbs up for Russia and China for saying that enough is enough. If both countries are stopping the New World Order from destroying any other country in the world, then we should definitely applaud such an effort.

NEO – The US has Locked China as its Enemy No....

Jim W. Dean - The US love-hate relationship with China continues on like a battered marriage.

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