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Re-Uniting America

If President Elect Donald Trump wants to make “America Great Again”, then he has to earnestly take all the necessary steps to reunite America -- to heal the wounds and divisions this presidential election created.

Uri Avnery – Civil War

Jim W. Dean - Uri gives us another classic below, a home run exposé of the huge fault lines in Israeli-Zionist society, which includes its take-no-prisoners approach toward the opposition, where the end justifies the means, in all cases.

UPDATED: Turkish Parliament Nuked During Coup Attempt

That's a plasma blast all right. It's a low level air burst. Most likely a small nuclear trigger.

Ukraine unit surrenders in Russia – “Abandoned by Kiev”

- Jim W. Dean..."This could be a tipping point here folks. Nothing kills the morale of an army more than not being resupplied for day and days."

America at War Against its Citizens

While Israel may sends its drones over American cities and towns at the invitations of NSA and DHS, it is unlikely that the US government will use chemical weapons, napalms, Agent Orange or fires cruise missiles at cities like Gary, Youngstown, Oakland, Detroit and St. Louis.

America At War – Home and Abroad.

Though the government (prosecution and defense) rested its case and the judge ruled on the evidence, the public jury remained unconvinced that the September 11, 2011 attack was not an inside job, a false flag Coup d’ Etate to justify America’s declaration of war on the world and on its own citizens.

Gettysburg, Vicksburg and the 4th of July

- Atop the list is the name Capt. E. Fletcher Satterfield, the one who went "the farthest at Gettysburg".

Debunking Old Civil War Myths – Long Proven Wrong

- Lincoln said..."Beyond holding Federal property to collect the duties...there will be no invasion, no using of force against people anywhere."

Terror Factory America

The American people are starting to understand that the War on Terror is a phony that is perpetrated by the American Military through hired cutouts

VA and Ancestry.com Partner to Index Historic Burial Records

The Department of Veterans Affairs has partnered with the internet-based genealogy research firm Ancestry.com to bring burial records from historic national cemetery ledgers into the digital age.