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Duff on Press TV: Climate Change Denialism and American Exceptionalism

US president Donald Trump’s announcement that Washington is quitting the international Paris climate deal has drawn strong criticism from across the world. The UN says the fight against climate change cannot be stopped. German chancellor Angela Merkel called Trump’s decision regrettable. She however said the decision has now made other countries more determined to fight climate change and protect the planet.

Back To The Dark Ages With Trump Administration

Nina Turner, the former Ohio State Senator, correctly argues that environmental issues don't reach politicians' radar because they disproportionately affect poor communities and because big donors don't want them to.

Alarming Melt Down: Global Warming Set to Destroy ‘White Continent’

Climate change and the ozone hole have led to a dangerous increase in temperatures in some areas of Antarctica, which might bring crucial and irreversible consequences.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference -2015

The United Nations will hold the COP21 or CMP 21 at Le Bourget in Paris, France.

As Greenland Melts – Gulf Stream Cools

This is an important story so the world awaits the findings of the Greenland on- the- ground researchers ~ for their report could well effect the fate of the Earth.

Climategate Still The Issue as Carbon Pope Lauds Corrupt Climate Science

The Laudato Si' (PDF): It's more than a disgrace that the Vatican would censor alternative climate perspectives by highly respected scientists from inclusion in...

Festival de Cannes

68th Cannes Film Festival is an exciting event where new films are shown. Attendees can see the stars and make business connections.

Goodnight America: Southwest Mad Max Water Scenario Predicted by NASA

* WARNING:  Explicit and Strong Language News Topics: NASA Predicts Mad Max Scenario in Southwest, Conversation with DH Peligro About California Uber Drought, Dreadnaught, Prison...

Climate Change Weapons and Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science

The Eco-terrorism of Chemtrails, Electromagnetic Weapons and Bio-engineered pathogens is the Climate Change to Fear Most.

The 32nd International Festival of Films of the Environment

The 32nd International Environmental Film Festival in Paris was both entertaining and informative.

Environmental scientist blasts IPCC “climate consensus”

Another scientist challenges the "scientific consensus."

Climate Change Is Here – The People March But Will They...

For myself, this Climate Change march is especially important for our children and grandchildren ~ for our inaction regarding global warming and climate change is putting their health and existence at greater and greater risk.

Landmark California Meeting to Halt Covert Climate Geoengineering

On July 15th, 2014, citizens from Northern California rallied to create the largest attendance ever at the Shasta County Supervisors chambers.

NEO – The White House Shakes the World

- The White House’s predilection for constantly subjecting the world and nations in various regions to convulsions and disturbances is well known.

Ticking Mass Extinction Time Bomb Is Not Fukushima – It’s Methane

Experts say methane emissions from the Arctic have risen by almost one-third in just five years, and that sharply rising temperatures are to blame...

Documents Reveal “Chemtrails” Originated at Department of Defense

- Department of Defense first published “Chemtrails” in 1990 as the title to a chemistry course for new pilots 1t the US Air Force Academy

Apollo Mission Hoax Provided Secret Funding of Satellite and Scalar Weapons...

Is it a coincidence that in 1958, Global Warming was suddenly promoted as a disaster while Congress was funding the military launch of orbiting space weapons intended to force "climate change"?

Following the Money: Obama, 9/11, Chemtrails, Climate Change, $Trillions in...

Why does Franklin Raines of Freddie/Fannie own the patent for a carbon trading computer originally owned by Carlton Bartels, CEO “Cantor Fitzgerald/CO2e.com/eSpeedprogram ?

Global Warming is Here and Now – Climate Change a Step...

Global warming is here and now and can no longer be denied but extreme weather and climate change will soon fully expose our selfish corporate folly and denial ~ but it will not be a painless transition when the arctic sea ice melts.