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Climate Change Is Killing Monarch Populations

Western monarchs have lost 99.9 percent of their numbers since the 1980s

America Is Experiencing Extreme Climate Change

Extreme climate change has arrived in America

Climate Change Increases Season for Malaria and Dengue Infections

Today, the World Health organization estimates that 3.4 billion people are at risk of being infected with malaria while 3.9 billion people are at risk of getting dengue, which infects about 390 million each year.

Red Alert: Water Level of Lake Mead Hits Record Low

The reservoir generates electricity and supplies water to about 25 million people across tribal lands, farms and major cities

The World’s Lakes Are Losing Oxygen

Hotter, longer summers are increasing water temperatures, which reduces lake oxygen levels, especially in deep waters

Study Shows 37% Of Global Heat Deaths Are Caused by Climate...

State of the science epidemiology methods prove climate change is already affecting our health

Arctic Climate Change and Fossil Fuel Pollution is Altering Narwhal Tusks

Chemical analysis of ten tusks shows shifting diets and increasing levels of mercury as climate change warms the polar region

Earth Loses 28 Trillion Tons of Ice Per Year

A pair of studies paint a worrying picture of accelerating ice loss around the world, with serious consequences for projections of sea level rise

How Climate Change is Affecting Mt. Everest

Researchers have documented that the high-altitude air is gaining more oxygen and large glaciers are melting at rapid rates

California Experiencing First-Ever Gigafires Blazes

Scientists say that hotter and drier conditions resulting from climate change have fueled this record-breaking fire

Climate Change: Joshua Trees Have Had Enough!

Experts say that climate change will decimate the population of Joshua trees, but California is taking action

Flowers are Changing Colors in Response to Climate Change

As temperatures and ozone levels rise, blossoms are adjusting their UV pigmentation

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