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FBI employee survey contradicts Trump’s claim that the agency had lost...

The FBI released employee survey data earlier this week after employees were questioned about how they felt about former FBI director James Comey's leadership when he was at the bureau.

NEO: Will Firing Comey Blow up in Trump’s face?

Jim W. Dean - While Trump was on his world tour, the Russian investigation has rolled on with new targets, like Trump's own attorney being asked for any and all documents concerning contact with Russians that he might have had.

Comey had to go!

Given the close relationship between the FBI and the CIA, it is almost inconceivable that Comey did not know that the CIA had asked GCHQ to tap Donald Trump’s phones after a federal judge threw out the FBI’s wiretap request. If the President has indeed recorded his conversations with ex-Director Comey that would be a neat turning of the tables!

Trump Says You’re Fired to FBI Director Comey

Jim W. Dean - This firing came out of the blue, in what seems to be another shoot from the hip Trump move, despite the organized cover from the Justice Department.

FBI director: I have ‘never’ been anonymous source on Clinton, Trump...

Jim W. Dean - Director Comey is nothing if not a good "testifier". It is not a common talent to find on an executive resume, but a much needed one for a department head inside the Beltway,

ObamaGate Part Deux

You read it here first folks!

FBI “Insurrection” to Scuttle Director, Rig Election: part 2

Sources within the FBI have informed VT that a cabal tied to right wing extremists, in particular General Paul Vallely's Stand Up America and the Federalist Society along with groups like St. Hubertus and Bilderberg, now run the rank and file of the FBI. The FBI is now a key component of the secret societies that John F. Kennedy warned about.

Breaking/Exclusive: Comey Lied: FBI “Synced” Weiner Laptop Under Misused Terror Warrant...

In a surprise announcement, the Department of Justice just admitted that there was no legal authorization in place to access email accounts of Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, estranged wife of accused sex offender former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Time for FBI director Comey to go

In truth, investigations open and close routinely and secretly when new evidence comes to light. Each new scrap in a pile of useful or useless evidence is not announced in real time, like a scandal in a scripted reality TV Show. Perhaps it's time for the embattled FBI director who seems to have forgotten how to conduct a proper investigation to resign.

BREAKING: Comey Admits to Fabricating Email Investigation, Rigging Election in FBI...

Comey: "we do not know the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails"