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WHO: Probably No Widespread COVID-19 Vaccinations Until Mid-2021

None of the candidate vaccines in advanced clinical trials so far has demonstrated a “clear signal” of efficacy at the level of at least 50% sought by the WHO

Sorry Trump: No Coronavirus Vaccine by Election Day

Yea, get your scientific information from the news media!

FDA To Release Guidelines for COVID-19 Vaccine Approval

More than 100 vaccines are being tested worldwide

Coronavirus Vaccine by the End of the 2020?

Massive testing effort involving more than 100,000 volunteers and a half dozen or so of the most promising vaccine candidates in an effort to deliver a safe and effective one by the end of 2020.

Novel Coronavirus Vaccine: Moderna Prepares for Phase 2 Study

Planning underway for Phase 3 study; study expected to begin in the fall of 2020

Human-Challenge Trials: Volunteering To Be Infected With Coronavirus

Support grows for a controversial ‘human challenge’ vaccine study—but no trial is yet planned

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