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IMF Debt Trap “Economic Hit men” due to Food & Fuel...

Sri Lanka should not cave into the Euro-American Sanction regimee on Russian oil and gas, or succumb to the EU’s GSP removal threats.

Tony Fauci is Corrupt to the Core!

You'd better not make this man mad, or write about or talk about or publish anything that's not part of his agenda, or your career is over."

20 Questions Hamas chief won’t answer

Stuart Littlewood - I hadn’t seen a recent interview with Mr Haniyeh and thought it would be helpful to readers in the West if they knew more about the man.

Canadian Pipeline Company Buys Oregon Cops…’Dime a Dozen’

At a casino in the small coastal town of North Bend, Oregon, dozens of law enforcement officers and corporate security personnel gathered for a two-day training on how to wage propaganda battles against protesters.