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How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last? Still Working on That

We eagerly await the approval and widespread distribution of vaccines

COVID-19 Pandemic Fueled Resurgence of Polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Due to the pandemic, a total of 50 million children did not receive the polio vaccine in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Viral Pandemic Redux: 1918 and 2020

Celebrating Thanksgiving during Viral Pandemic; America has been there and done that

Major Measles Outbreaks Possible in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has a profound effect on the control of vaccine-preventable diseases.

We are Broken, Montana nurse says

Montana health care workers battle growing Covid outbreak. NBC News was granted rare access inside the ICU at St. Vincent hospital in Billings to show the pandemic’s devastating impact on rural areas.

Fear and Scapegoating During a Pandemic

Panelists at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History discuss pandemics and scapegoating

Neeper: Complexity and the Unspoken Rules

We do not have an inherent freedom to damage the common good, including the destruction of public lands or ignoring social distancing during the COVID pandemic. But, political leaders have neither recognized the limitations on freedom nor established penalties for misbehaviors that endanger ecology and lives.

Must Read: Nursing Homes ‘Enjoying” Less Outside Scrutiny: Kicking Out Less...

Nursing homes across the country are kicking out old and disabled residents and sending them to homeless shelters and rundown motels.

Working Hard Against COVID-19: National Nurses Week

Right now, nurses around the country and globe, including nurses from NINR and other NIH institutes, are working tirelessly to help those who need it most

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