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VT Staffer, Steve Robertson, Dies of COVID 19, Much Loved, Much...

DR. EDWARD L. BERNAYS, “We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."

Chinese Vaccine for COVID-19 Is Only 50% Effective

Many of the countries that have ordered CoronaVac are relatively poor, desperate to halt the pandemic and protect their populations.

Ongoing Clashes Between the FDA and HHS

A personnel shake-up driven by ongoing clashes between the agency and the HHS department that oversees it.

COVID-19: 59% Chance You Will Not See It Coming

Humans without coronavirus symptoms spread COVID-19 59% of the time.

Why the Delay? Speed Up COVID-19 Vaccination Delivery!

COVID-19 vaccines are available but only one-fourth have been given

Thanks Trump: Sedition and A COVID-19 Super Spreader Event

Trump: He continues his assault on Americans!

EU Agency Authorizes Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine

The EU has ordered 80 million doses of the Moderna vaccine with an option for a further 80 million.

COVID-19 Now on All Seven Continents

Antarctica has reportedly become the last of the Earth's seven continents to record COVID-19 infections.

Pulse Oximeter Readings May Be Inaccurate in People of Color

It’s apparent that there are racial differences in how oximeters perform

Wealthy Seek to Buy Way to Top of COVID-19 Vaccine Line

"V.I.P. treatment is very common” in the healthcare industry

French President Tests Positive for COVID-19

'All sanitary measures were observed, and we have not been informed of any other participant or staff present during the summit who tested positive."

10% of Spain Has Had COVID-19

Antibody study shows one in 10 people in Spain have had coronavirus

Not the Year to Sit on Santa’s Lap

Dozens of children went to see Santa and he may have exposed them to the coronavirus.

Sweden Reconsiders Failed Anti-COVID-19 Approach

Sweden Fails at Controlling COVID-19 pandemic

FDA Approves Emergency Use Authorization for Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccine could then begin in the United States in a matter of days

Medical D Day For Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine to 50 States...

A USA TODAY survey finds most states are ready to distribute a coronavirus vaccine to health care workers but maybe not all who are next in line.

How Long Does COVID-19 Immunity Last? Still Working on That

We eagerly await the approval and widespread distribution of vaccines

NEO – Farewell incredulous Trump: All hail belligerent Biden

Farewell, you unwise, unkind, unthinking, and unthinkable brute of a world leader.

Pfizer and Moderna Say ‘No’ to Invitations to White House ‘Vaccine...

The vaccine manufacturers’ absences will be conspicuous at a “Vaccine Summit,”

Yes, Virginia, COVID-19 is Real

Public Health Strategies to Combat COVID-19

Let’s Stop Talking About Herd Immunity

Can We Finally Stop Talking About “Natural” COVID-19 Herd Immunity? Please?

Italy Bans Travel Between Towns Over Christmas

The government is trying to avoid the mistakes made after the spring lockdown was lifted and returning holidaymakers were partly blamed for reviving infections.

How Neutralizing Antibodies Interact With SARS-CoV-2

The FDA is now reviewing the clinical trial data of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to ensure their safety and efficacy.

COVID Tracking Project

Updated all our data each day between about 6pm and 7:30pm Eastern Time.

Reinfections of COVID-19 Are Possible

Reinfection reports are still rare but steadily growing around the world, and they’re likely underreported.

Pfizer and BioNTech Achieve First Authorization for COVID-19 Vaccine

First authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine represents a breakthrough scientific achievement to help combat this devastating pandemic

Darth Vader Dead From COVID-19

The 6ft 6in former body-builder played the legendary villain in the original Star Wars films.

Was COVID-19 in U.S. Before January?

Coronavirus was present in the U.S. weeks earlier than scientists and public health officials previously thought

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go in Paris: Steps...

People in Paris get dressed up and then have no place to go. Paris is going to come out of the lockdown in 3 steps;

‘Mistakes’ Can Be Advantageous

AstraZeneca probes 'mistake' behind 90% COVID-19 vaccine efficacy

‘Out-of Control Fire’ of COVID-19 in Nursing Homes

More than 1,300 nursing homes across the U.S. reported having three or more confirmed Covid-19 cases during the first week of November

Black Doctors Endorse Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

There is historical skepticism among the Black community about medical experimentation and vaccines

In Pursuit of the Best Strategy to Deploy COVID-19 Vaccines

Mathematicians are modeling different scenarios for a vaccine rollout to see what may work best

More Than One Million U.S. Children Have Had COVID-19

Almost 112,000 children tested positive during a one-week period ending on November 12.

Michigan Hospitals Ask COVID-19 Exposed Staff to Continue to Work

So long as they’re asymptomatic, those employees are required to do their jobs while awaiting test results.

mRNA Vaccines: A Race Against COVID-19

A technique never before used in humans may be the fastest way to a vaccine against the novel coronavirus

Some Americans are Narcissistic Babies

Quarantine is not an act that attacks civil rights.

Needed Medical Care being Removed for American Pueblo Indians

Is the Trump administration willing to sacrifice first nation people to the virus?

An Explanation For COVID-19 Blood Clots: Research Ongoing

COVID-19 seems to unleash mysterious antibodies that mistakenly attack the body’s own cells to cause clots.

Major Measles Outbreaks Possible in Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has a profound effect on the control of vaccine-preventable diseases.

New Study: Immunity to COVID-19 May Last Years

The study is the first to chart the immune response to a virus in such rough detail

Timely Presidential Transition Paramount for Public Health

U.S, lives depend on quick transition to Biden's COVID-19 Team.

Stay Home For Thanksgiving: Help Stop Spread of COVID-19

Things are going to get much, much worse

COVID-19 Fatality Rate Down 30% Since April

The fatality rate for COVID-19 is worse in communities with high levels of obesity.

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