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Jeffrey Sachs: Covid-19 may have originated in US biolabs

Sachs and Harrison also highlighted a tantalizing scientific detail that may be an indication that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, originated in a laboratory: a sequence of eight amino acids on a critical part of the virus’s spike protein that is identical to an amino acid sequence found in cells that line human airways.

Monkeypox Biowar Smoking Guns?

The prescient drills that mimicked the COVID and monkeypox scares are just two examples of a much more widespread phenomenon: disaster drills that “go live.”

Huge Mystery: After Secret Meeting with Cops Two Anti-VAX Scientists Died!...

The strange fate of a biologist and a pharmacologist who have become famous bloggers in Italy.

BREAKING! Monkeypox Virus Escapes, Simian Death Syndrome (SDS) Cases Soar

"Vladimir Putin is making monkeys of us—literally!" the President solemnly intoned.

U.S. Department of Defense granted a ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3...

The laboratory origin of Covid-19 leads to an affair between the “Deep States” of China (Shanghai Gang) and the USA in a New World Order that brings together Democrats and a part of Republicans.

The Enemy of My Enemies

Western governments in their quest to create a new cold war with Russia and China can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

COVID and Beyond, the Biowar America Unleashed on China, Iran, Italy...

The article/post below is taken from Pak Defense, and dated March 13, 2020, long before the new “editions” of COVID were brought home to devastate and radicalize the United States. The assertions made here are totally accurate and identical to those made weeks before on VT.

A Mysterious Ukraine-Russia Debate…You Decide

But first something from "disgraced" Will Smith...which might explain why he is a CIA

Exposing the Very Secret World of Prohibited Bioweapons

Such US DoD laboratories, working with the most dangerous substances known to man, far more dangerous than nuclear weapons, tend to exist in the most unstable nations with the most corrupt governments.

Russia: US Studied Bat Coronaviruses in Secret Biolabs in Transcaucasia, China

Russian armed force units discovered 30 biological compounds in Ukraine, which are thought to be involved in the production of bio weapons.

Bio-World War 3! Has It Already Started?

What if they gave us a bio-war and nobody noticed? Kevin Barrett interviews Ron Unz

Is Vladimir Putin the New Coronavirus?

The Ukraine crisis also provides an excuse for Congress to do what Congress does best: increase federal spending. President Biden has requested Congress provide an additional $10 billion in emergency military aid to Ukraine.

Are Anti-Vaxxers Shitty Drivers? Spike in COVID Traffic Deaths Says...

An AAA study reported by The Washington Post found 4 percent of drivers increased their time on the roads during the pandemic. They tended to be young, male, and more likely to speed, read texts while driving, not wear seat belts, or drive under the influence of alcohol or weed.

“COVID-19 Bio-Attack Smoking Gun” video

As Condi Rice said in another context "WHO could have POSSIBLY imagined?".

FDA bans ‘Trrrump’ antibody treatment (at gunpoint?)

RT: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revoked its emergency use authorizations for two kinds of monoclonal antibodies treatments produced by Regeneron and Eli Lilly. The regulator said the two therapeutics were “highly unlikely to be active against the omicron variant.”

Boris’ bully-boys go to work – Will Johnson get the boot?

NO CONFIDENCE LETTER submitted for Boris Johnson. Stuart Littlewood reports on developments in Britain.

“Dress for Omicron Success! Wear ‘the Best Mask in Your Wardrobe'”...

The "mild variant" is coming - break out your N95s! -NYT

Will Vaxx Wars “Go Nuclear” in 2022?

If the nukes, the COVID, and the vaccines don't kill us in 2022, the psycho squirrels will.

On the Road to 500 Million – Kentucky governor declares emergency

Severe shortages threaten “not only the health of patients but the entire health care delivery system.” Nursing students being tapped as health care providers.


Yet again Western governments are panicking, with new restrictions in the UK and the EU. This is despite the fact that so far as we know nobody has yet died of Omicron.

OMG! Omicron!!! (with Cat McGuire)

A STUDY BY Dr Steven Gundry, a renowned American cardiac surgeon, now medical director of the International Heart and Lung Institute at Palm Springs, California, SHOWS THAT PULS TEST SCORES MORE THAN DOUBLE AFTER VACCINATION...

The War Over Life, Liberty and Privacy Rights

If all people are created equal, then all lives should be equally worthy of protection.

Germany Locks Down the COVID-19 Unvaccinated

Unvaccinated people will be banned from accessing all but the most essential businesses, such as supermarkets and pharmacies

Aaron Rodgers and Leo Chenal—Wisconsin’s Top Two Football Stars—Resist the “Vax...

Aaron Rodgers just got fingered as the scapegoat in today's edition of Big Brother's Two Minutes of Hate.

Obesity and other poor diet-poor health issues invited more Covid deaths

The same week British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to intensive care for Covid-19, two studies came out identifying obesity as a significant risk factor for serious illness and death.

No Natural Immunity? Federal government releases coronavirus reports that destroy right...

RawStory: The federal government on Friday quietly released two reports that together destroy many right wing conspiracy theories and talking points on the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Italian Girl Killed by Vaccine! Coroner Claimed Adverse Effect by AstraZeneca

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT Italy Versione originale in Italiano Author Note: some people don't even respect the death of an 18-year-old girl to...

WaPo Opinion: Distinguished persons of the week: Defying anti-mandate nuttiness

Jim W. Dean - There is nothing that Trump will not do to win, as he desperately needs the presidential immunity to save his hide from all of the pending prosecutions.

On the Horizon: A Pill to Treat COVID-19?

Molnupiravir would be the first oral medication to treat COVID-19.

Personal Freedom Dies in 2021

When it comes to abortion, people have the right to speak their minds saying that it is their body. But when it comes to taking the vaccine, your freedom is actually being taken away.

“Accidental lab leak” DEBUNKED—deliberate bio-attack CONFIRMED

Hitzik's propaganda piece is so transparently disingenuous, and was so obviously written in bad faith, that the author ought to be investigated as a possible accessory to the coverup of the COVID bio-attack...

Vaxdolatry: “Bow Down and Worship Me, or Else!”

The COVID Inquisition's censors don't want you to hear from anyone outside their narrow circle of faith.

Alaska Rations Health Care Due to Surge of COVID-19 Patients

The same standard of care that was previously there is no longer able to be given on a regular basis.

One of Most Prolific MD Disseminators of COVID-19 Info Has License...

Misinformation about COVID-19 is a major threat to personal and public health and should be eliminated,

Travel Restriction To US to Be Lifted for Fully Coronavirus Vaccinated

Travelers who provide proof of full vaccination against the coronavirus before boarding a flight will be able to enter the United States

COVID-19 Has Now Killed 1 Out Of 500 Americans

'It's bad to the bone': Unvaccinated man describes Covid-19 fight

South Dakota COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket After Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Meade County, home to Sturgis, has had a more than 1,500 percent increase in cases in the past 14 days.

Texas Supreme Court rejects Abbott’s ban on school mask mandates —...

Jim W. Dean - Wearing masks sure as hell can't hurt the kids, but where they don't wear them we see Covid spreading quickly, not only in the schools but in their homes.

COVID-19 Anti-Vaxxers Demand Blood Transfusions from Unvaccinated Donors

Many patients expressing concerns have been influenced by rampant misinformation about vaccines and the blood supply