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Intel Drop: Donald Trump’s New War, fighting for Russia, fighting his...

When we received the massive leak on the 9/11 commission, we found Americans working to stop the nuking of New York and the missile attack on the Pentagon but we found more, the ones General Milley calls "4th and 4th raters" at the White House and Pentagon that were totally complicit.

313,000 Dead Because ‘We want them infected’: Trump appointee demanded ‘herd...

Jim W. Dean - Part of 'Killing Covid' is exposing the shenanigans of the Trump regime's political handling where Dr. Fauci will be one of the star witnesses.

Official: Biden Wins, Gone, America’s most anti-gun president (good read)

If people are going to get guns seized, there should be a reason and due process. Trump has openly opposed "due process" in gun seizure and everything else. 

Trump’s political suicide charge on the Covid Battlefield

Jim W. Dean - Brianna Keilar and CNN put a wooden stake through Trump's heart by showcasing family after family devastated by Trump's Covid.

Breaking: Did Trump return to White House to die? Video being...

Jim W. Dean - Gordon has already published the CNN polls showing Trump and his regime down 16 points, kind of a hint that the public is very angry at being screwed over.

Don’t forget, Trump mocked COVID victims, mask wearers (‘Trump a drug...

Excellent video from Kirk Acevedo, among others.

Could the Trumpers lose the election over their Covid irresponsibility?

President Trump says he has tested positive for coronavirus. Trump’s handling of the pandemic has already been controversial, as he downplayed the severity of the outbreak. Now, his infection is expected to cast shadow on his campaign, as the election looms.

‘God has done spoked’: Anti-Mask Idaho pastor in ICU with COVID...

VT: Van Noy is a long established expert on human rights, a strong backer of apartheid removals by Israel and the child filled gulag Israel plans to spread across the Middle East with their new Arab dictator friends.

A Funny thing happened on the way to the operating room...

Various state authorities talk about impending hospital and morgue overflows.

WHO Librarian Reserve Corps: Volunteers Globally Search During Public Health Events

“The COVID-19 literature is being generated much faster than the peer review process can keep up with it.”

New China Covid outbreak triggers instant lockdown in Beijing

Jim W. Dean - You can bet that markets all over China are going to be doing rolling spot testing to make sure they catch any new Covid surge quickly.

Viruses like Covid-19 are a part of nature, but Capitalism-2020 must...

Richard D. Wolff: Viruses like Covid-19 are a part of nature we must accept. But Capitalism-2020 must be destroyed ...from Russia Today, Mosocw By Richard D. Wolff, Professor...

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