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New World Order lost war against Russia and Ukraine

Putin is either an aggressive schemer, to be opposed and vilified at all costs, or a wise, restrained real-politician, balanced irreconcilable forces next door. Which is it?

NEO: Vladimir Putin and the Hamburg Testament

Phil Butler - Vladimir Putin acts in Russia’s behalf, and exactly in the manner western neocons and Cold War psychopaths know he must. What kind of journalist or historic idiot ignores this crystal-clear nugget?

Paul Gottfried is wrong about Vladimir Putin

“Putin has become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism. That turns out to be the big battle of our times. As our last election shows, that’s true even here.”

Turkish Companies Returning to Crimean Peninsula

Jim W. Dean - As more moral people in the West step forward to engage Crimea, the contrast with the geopolitical terrorists will become more and more obvious to where they will want to give up the ghost and accept the reality of Crimea.

Did Russia really invade Crimea?

Jonas E. Alexis--The argument that “Russia invaded Crimea” should still make one laugh because it is so pathetic.

Turkey Bans Russian Shipping from Crimea

Source: Pravda.Ru photo archive Yet another problem has occurred in relations between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan just before a meeting of the presidents. As Pravda.Ru...

Self-Determination? Trump Asks for Return of Crimea, Will the US Acknowledge...

By Ann Diener With all of the fears surrounding Russia and espionage of Russia, are we blowing this whole issue out of proportion to ignore...

VT Right Again: Trump scapegoats Flynn, Demands Russia Out of Crimea

  Russia's military jets and navy ships take part in a military exercise called Kavkaz (the Caucasus) 2016 at the coast of the Black Sea...

Waffler Strikes Again: Trump Says Sanctions To Remain on Russia Until...

Washington’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Until people of Crimea, the 95% that voted to leave Ukraine, are forced to rejoin and be slaughtered?  Wait, I...

Putin turns on the gas to Crimea to win energy war

Jim W. Dean - This quickly built Russian gas line is proof that Crimeans voted themselves a future when they rejected being a part of the coup in Kiev. They are now energy independent from Kiev.

RT: Ukraine, Crimea coverage is example of ‘fake news’

Carter Page, a businessman who advised Donald Trump on foreign policy matters during his presidential campaign, has arrived in Moscow to discuss strengthening business...

Russian Black Sea Fleet ‘Has Everything’ to Destroy Enemy Moving to...

Jim W. Dean - The major boomerang from all of this is the huge focus now on Russia's building up its defense capacities, despite the hardships of the sanctions. And with Obama's ill thought out Asian Pivot, the Chinese are in the same mode now.

NEO – Ukraine’s Crimea attack goes down in flames

Jim W. Dean - I said it when it started, and will repeat it again. The US policy of regime change has been a disaster – economically and militarily for the US, and for all the families in the various victimized countries.

VIDEO: Crimea Terror Acts / Saboteur Groups Summary, Putin’s Reaction and...

Putin said Kiev's actions were "stupid" and "criminal" and that there was no point in holding talks on the foundering peace process in eastern Ukraine. Forty kilos of explosives were captured that were intended for a wave of attacks in Crimea.

Crimea subversion group included professional secret service officers

It will come as little surprise that the leader of the Ukrainian team captured at Perekop, the narrow isthmus taht connects Crimea to Ukraine...

Who Instigates Russian-Ukrainian War Over Crimea?

Overnight into August 7, a Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group attempted to penetrate the Russian-Ukrainian border between the Republic of Crimea and the Ukrainian region of Kherson.

Crimean leader blames the US for terrorist attempts in Crimea

The Crimean leader is pointing the finger of blame at John Kerry's State Department; we feel this is only partially correct. Yes, the US...

Poroshenko puts all units on border with Crimea, in Donbass on...

Today we have this reaction from Poroshenko that appears rather aggressive and suggests an escalation of the situation is about to occur. We shall continue to watch Ukraine closely in the coming days.

Russian FSB foils terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents in...

Twenty home-made explosive devices equivalent to more than 40 kilos of TNT, as well as ammunition, shells, and other weapons used by the Ukrainian Army’s special forces were discovered at the scene.

‘Dangerous outcast’: Ukraine minister blasts Trump for saying Crimea people want...

Jim W. Dean - This is what we get when organized crime is actually given ministerial positions for political support to a ruling party. Western countries basically do the same, but prefer the more subtle methodology.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on Russian-Jewish Relations and Ukraine

To be sure, the US is not a totalitarian society, but it could become one, if the American people allow themselves to be brainwashed by the nearly monopolistic Big Media.

Naval Spetsnaz in Crimea Hunt Terrorists…ISIS, Turkey and America?

Two special units are being created as a part of Russia's Naval Fleet which are designed to detect the enemy saboteurs in Russia's coastal...

Turkey Takes Steps to Destabilize Caucasus and Crimea

The 13th Islamic Summit titled ‘Unity and Solidarity for Justice and Peace’of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (IOC) finished its work on April 12 in Istanbul.

“We need to talk”… Stoltenberg says NATO seeking Russia meeting

Jim W. Dean - NATO, the US and EU clearly aided and abetted war crimes in Donbass via their creating the conditions for them to happen.

NEO – Crimea and Donbass – A Tale of Two Cities

Jim W. Dean - Obama and the Pentagon were out of their minds to think they could trigger a violent coup in Kiev using neoNazis as shock troops, and have Crimea fall into its hands and the Russians just sit and watch.

Russian security chief warns of Kiev’s attempts to destabilize Crimea

Jim W. Dean - Ukraine's Rada passes a new law (which violates Minsk 2) to allow Turkish mercenaries to come in to work with the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and nationalists to crank up a terror program against Crimea, and then claim Ukie military is not involved.

It is going to be a long hot summer

WWIII has only just begun.

Crimea turns on gas supply to freezing Ukrainian town

 Gas has begun flowing into a southern Ukrainian town that pleaded for Russian help during a bitter cold front. Amid regular blackouts caused by...

NEO – Joining NATO: Ukraine a Warning to Others

Jim W. Dean - Ulson Gunnar lays bare for us the conversion of the our defensive NATO coalition into an offensive one via a carefully planned construction of eliminating any public approval of what it does.

SouthFront: Ukraine Launches Energy War Against Crimea

...from SouthFront Late on Saturday Russia’s Crimea has switched to autonomous reserve power after the four main transmission towers in the adjacent Ukrainian Kherson region...