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Cuba 1962: On This Day in History, JFK announces U.S....

On this October 22 day in 1962, in a televised speech of extraordinary gravity, President John F. Kennedy announced that U.S. spy planes have...

Cuba and Russia Sign New Defense Agreement

Cuba and Russia signed a new defense technology agreement Thursday evening which will increase cooperation and help modernize Cuba’s armed forces until 2020.

Fidel Castro – From Liberator to Dictator

America, the great democracy, could never find a dictator it did not like. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, and the exception is Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro, Cuba’s longtime leader, dies at 90

After years of dealing with failing health, Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban revolution who steered the country through decades of a US economic blockade, has died, state media report.

Was Castro’s Cuba Real, FBI Leaker Says “No”

In 2012, an FBI official came to us with a story. Mitt Romney and Carlos Salinas, disgraced former president of Mexico and head of the massive Salinas drug cartel, had something in common.

How Donald Trump’s Company Violated the United States Embargo Against Cuba

A company controlled by Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, secretly conducted business in Communist Cuba during Fidel Castro’s presidency despite strict American trade bans that made such undertakings illegal, according to interviews with former Trump executives, internal company records and court filings.

A New Cuba Missile Crisis on the Way?

Two senior lawmakers representing the Communist Party propose to deploy missile systems to Cuba and resume the work of the Lourdes spy base in reply to US plans that could threaten Russia and its allies.

Hellfire for Cuba, Another Half Story Coverup

An inert US Hellfire missile sent to Europe for a training exercise was wrongly shipped on to Cuba, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Will Cuba Be “Boots on the Ground Against ISIS” Before America?

Cuba stands by Syria against the aggression and blockade

NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat

Gordon Duff ..."Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war."

U.S. Government: Rap Music Means Covert War in Cuba (and around...

"The sad truth is that so many female ‘artists’ — almost all of them rabid feminists and sexual exhibitionists — have nothing to sell but vaginas"

Obama Normalizes Relations With Cuba

After more than a year of secret talks, Obama announced today that he’s ending the fifty-four year Cuban embargo to re-establish diplomatic ties. According...

Lee Harvey Oswald: Career CIA Operative

Lee Harvey Oswald worked for the CIA (and FBI and Army and most likely Naval Intelligence) from the late fifties when the CIA recruited him from the Marine Corps until his murder on November 24, 1963 by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

America At War – Home and Abroad.

Though the government (prosecution and defense) rested its case and the judge ruled on the evidence, the public jury remained unconvinced that the September 11, 2011 attack was not an inside job, a false flag Coup d’ Etate to justify America’s declaration of war on the world and on its own citizens.