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US Expert: Iran playing critical role in confronting Daesh

Jim W. Dean - Iran and Hezbollah support in Syria’s anti-terrorism campaign was critical in not only backing up the ‎badly battered Syrian army by boosting its fighting capability when much of the officer corps had ‎defected,

US Helicopters Spotted in Al-Hasakah Reportedly Evacuating Daesh Members (VIDEO)

href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/">CC BY 2.0 / The U.S. Army / Jalalabad Airfield Middle East The US-led coalition is often accused of supporting terrorist groups in Syria, including organizing...

SDF spokesman defector: US armed Kurdish terror groups to fight Daesh...

Jim W. Dean - We have a front row seat now to learn what the US coalition was really doing In Syria, while the lives of so many were being destroyed,

Iran Threatens Increased Missile Range, Alleges Daesh ‘US, Israeli Creation’

Speaking during a televised program, a senior commander from the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has claimed that Daesh was created with help...

Russian Strategic Bombers Launch Strike on Daesh Targets in Syria’s Deir...

Daesh arms and ammunition depots, as well as fortified areas in Deir ez-Zor have been targeted. Russian strategic Tu-22M3 bombers, which were covered by Su-30SM fighters...

Latest NATO Arms From US Found in Daesh Depot in Al...

Latest NATO Arms From US Found in Daesh Depot in Al Mayadin - Syrian General Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army shows reporters the...

Iran’s IRGC to treat US troops like Daesh if blacklisted

Jim W. Dean - US support for proxy terrorism is the most open secret in the history of clandestine warfare, yet when corporate media report on the stories, we find a key component, the US-NATO use of proxy terrorism to promote desired regime change, is flagrantly absent.

US’ Plan B? From Alleged Evacuation of Daesh to the Murder...

Ekaterina Blinova Having realized that they lost in Syria the US has shifted to "Plan B" to maintain control over the oil-rich regions of the...

Signals Intel treachery targeted Russian general killed in Deir-Ezzor

Jim W. Dean - We now see a tank bridge over the Euphrates with riverbed supports, so the current does not affect it, and Tupolev bombers delivering cruise missile attacks in Idlib and Deir-Ezzor at the same time.

We’ll celebrate fall of Daesh in 2 months: General Soleimani

Jim W. Dean - Standard current US geopolitical propaganda psyops focuses on framing anyone being able to defend themselves from American domination and aggression as a threat, so they can be subjected to financial sanctions and military action.

US Warplanes Stop Shadowing Daesh Convoy at Russia’s Request

Sputnik/Moscow: Following a request by the Kremlin, US military assets have stopped shadowing a Daesh convoy stuck behind lines of advancing Syrian army troops. Syrian...

Russia: ‘Trump Must Comment’ on US Allegedly Rescuing Daesh Commanders From...

President Donald Trump should initiate a probe into the alleged evacuation of Daesh leaders by the US from Syria's Deir ez-Zor which was "almost...

Where is next destination of Daesh terror group?

Almost nobody could have ever imagined that Daesh would be able to expand its terror activities within a few years and pose big challenges and threats to the world.

US General beats Central Asia war drums, promises to ‘annihilate’ Daesh

US Army Gen. John Nicholson, the top ranking US commander in Afghanistan, made a promise on Thursday to "annihilate" Daesh and "crush the remnants" of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Republic of Serbia Arming Daesh

What’s left of former Yugoslavian republic, currently known as Republic of Serbia, has been and still is nothing more than a test site, a playground of a sort, for external factors that made it such and their domestic puppets as well.

20 terrorists killed, one-third of border area liberated by Lebanese army

The Lebanese people have no desire to let ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) continue the long history of Zionist incursions into their country.

World Muslims Condemn Daesh Terrorist Attack in Spain

World Muslims, along with political and religious leaders of various countries denounced a terrorist attack in Spain on Thursday claimed by Daesh (ISIL or ISIS).

Chronicles of Life Under Daesh Caliphate in Mosul: No Cigarettes or...

The militants of the Islamic State terrorist group (Daesh), who fled from the Iraqi city of Mosul, have not had enough time or desire to pack a huge amount of printed materials – books, pamphlets, newspapers – thus leaving a lot of information about the so-called caliphate’s lifestyle.

False flag fails! ISIS defeated, “chemical weapons” hoax exposed

Say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish."

Iraqi forces take Mosul mosque blown up by Daesh a week...

Jim W. Dean - The strategic concern now is whether the US coalition will be able to prevent Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran from forming a cross border anti-terrorist, mini-NATO of their own, so the days of picking countries off one at a time will not include them.

Russia fires cruise missiles at Daesh in Syria

Jim W. Dean - The dueling continues over Syria, where the US position of not just responding to actual attacks on US and its proxy forces, but to "threats" alone, has finally elicited a military response from Russia – better late than never.

Iran demonstrates the accuracy of its medium range missiles

Jim W. Dean - Iran does a live-fire combat test of its medium range missiles with total justification, striking ISIS targets in Deir-Ezzor and demonstrating their accuracy for all those it wants to know. They can watch the drone video.

Daesh designed to spread chaos in Islamic world

“Daesh is not a radical Islamic group, it is a radical anti-Islamic group designed to spread fitnah and chaos in the world of Islam."

Russian Air Force monitoring Daesh attempts to flee Raqqa disguised as...

Jim W. Dean - The US Coalition shows its hand once again for using proxy terrorism against Syria. We have a new report that the Kurds are offering ISIS a chance to leave Raqqa to fight the Syrian forces.

Mattis: Civilian deaths inevitable in war against Daesh

Jim W. Dean - I was surprised how many idiots there were in the PressTV comments on this, that I was anti-Syrian for trying to cover up the civilian killings, like anyone could really do that. I did not know I had such power.

U.S. & Daesh (ISIS) are CIA mercenary thugs, must leave Afghanistan

The CIA and Pakistani Intelligence Service, ISI 's Puppet, Criminal Warlord, "the Butcher of Kabul," Gulbuddeen Hekmatyr, and Daesh (ISIS), who are CIA mercenaries, are Not the Solution for Afghanistan.

Aftermath of Church attacks in Egypt

The twin church attacks in Egypt were among the deadliest onslaughts against Coptic Christians in the country in decades.

US-led airstrikes on Daesh truck caused Mosul tragedy

Jim W. Dean - Who knows what happened.? Did ISIS park a truck bomb out in front, knowing that it would be seen and bombed and all those combined explosives blow this building to smithereens?

Daesh trapped in Mosul as last road retaken by Iraqi army

Jim W. Dean - I hope this is the last time the Iraqis claim to have the last road out of Mosul cut off.

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