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Kushner’s coffee boy on fake US Mideast peace plan team

Jim W. Dean - We have a move here, one we have seen many times, where a certain group of people see to it that only "their kind" occupy certain key jobs in a US administration. Are they the best and the brightest - or the most loyal to Israel?

Jim W. Dean Tasnim interview on the Kushner fake Deal of...

Stripped of all of its fancy wrapping paper, the US plan would exile the Palestinians to the desert of Egypt, a virtual sandy concentration camp where the exiles would have no control of their borders and continue to need Zionist permission for everything they would want to do.

Paul Larudee and Kevin Barrett Debate “Deal of the Century” on...

"Deal of the Century" or "Failure of the Century"?

Debating “Deal of the Century”: Kevin Barrett vs. Geoffrey Alderman

"So if I look annoyed at the Zionists and their BS 'deal of the century...'"

You just can’t make this stuff up

Israeli newspaper publishes terms of US ‘Deal of Century’ on Palestine ...from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... May 05, 2019 - An Israeli Hebrew-language...

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