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The Debate – US threat against Iran

Jim W. Dean - Whereas Saudi Arabia has gotten at least some heat for its bombing of Yemen's civilian infrastructure, the US and British guilt for the bombing mistakes has been ignored by Western media.

The Debate – Erdogan plays his Kurdish war card before Sochi...

Jim W. Dean - As Carl von Clausewitz once said, "War is the continuation of politics by other means".

The Debate – Trump Al-Quds Decision

Jim W. Dean - Fortunately I was on familiar ground with the Trump-Jerusalem topic as I go way back on it to my interview 15 years ago with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, a beautiful man, here in Atlanta.

Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson: Debate on Rising Racism and Islamophobia...

Is the USA free of racism and bigotry? I don't think so! But Frederick Peterson apparently does. Watch him get angry, sputter, and call me names.

The Debate – Catalonian Democracy vs the Constitution in Spain

Jim W. Dean - The Spanish Prime Minister made the situation worse, and for no reason. If the referendum had gone through with the polling stations that were still open he could have just ignored it and we would not have seen peaceful protesters getting the billy club treatment.

The Debate – Korea Tensions on the Rise

Jim W. Dean - I think the US knows that Kim's main goal is to get a peace treaty, which the US cannot do as Germany is still waiting for theirs and would be really mad.

The Debate – Plight of Rohingya Muslims

Jim W. Dean - The alleged Myanmar insurgent attacks which triggered the regime's take-no-prisoners retribution attacks on defenseless villagers has the smell of a planned event. Does someone want to start a new war when the Syrian war will be winding down?

The Debate – Iran Nuclear Compliance

Jim W. Dean - Trump's credibility is sinking lower and lower, most recently with his request to the Intel community to find him something to give him cover for claiming Iran is not in compliance with the JCPOA.

The Debate – Spain Terror Attacks

Jim W. Dean - Usually getting a Debate Show slot on an historic event is a happy day, but this was not...just another useless slaughter of innocent civilians by radical Muslims losers committing the all too popular vehicle mass killing in a tourist area.

The Debate – Iran Defense Doctrine

Jim W. Dean - The hidden story in Iran's careful response to new US sanctions was its stepping out front and center with charging the US with supporting state-sponsored terrorism, something long overdue.

The Debate with Jim W. Dean – US anti-Iran Sanctions

Jim W. Dean - The seeds for this assault on the Iran nuclear deal were planted in Saudi Arabia, and harvested when Trump came and got his big weapons deal, much of it pie in the sky which the Saudis can dial back when they choose.

Debate: Saudi vs. Qatar (Kevin Barrett vs. Frederick Peterson)

Why are the Saudi-led GCC countries REALLY ganging up on Qatar?

Are Zionists holocausting Palestinian heritage?

Jim W. Dean - The irony in all of this ancient ownership hoopla is that it has all been turned upside down with Dr. Eran El-Haik's genetic research, which showed that for Ashkenazi Jews especially, they don't have any more "semitic DNA" that many of us gringos in America

Press TV Debate: ‘US deep state staging false flag chemical attacks...

“The deep state in the United States is stockpiling chemical weapons, biological weapons, ignoring the treaties and then waging false flag attacks or nodding and winking as its allies in Syria wage false flag chemical weapons attacks designed to demonize President [Bashar] Assad.”

The Debate, with Jim W. Dean – Rivalry in The Pacific

Jim W. Dean - Missed in all of this North Korea missile hype was the offer from the North Koreans to stop their missile testing if the US would stop its annual war games with the S. Koreans, but was ignored.

The Debate – Syria advances on eastern fronts

Jim W. Dean - The Syrian coalition strategy of the Astana4 safe zones freeing up enough combat troops to go on the offensive with ISIS appears to be working, The battle for the eastern desert and Iraqi border has begun.

‘Israel will eventually back down due to Palestinian resistance’

“The Palestinian people are likely to prevail” and “the Israelis are going to have to listen and finally back down...”

Press TV Debate: America’s Warmongering Aimed at Iran

Jim W. Dean - I was to slip into this show that a new "replacement ISIS" force has been in the works as the success of the Mosul operation predicted their losing their base. Saudi Arabia, its Gulf State partners, Turkey, Britain and the US and Israel, of course are teamed up in the effort.

Israeli “apartheid” – or something much worse? (Press TV Debate)

"The garbage I just heard out of the mouth of someone in Seattle is an embarrassment!"

The Debate – Saudi Arabia and regional terrorism

Jim W. Dean - It's always a pleasure to catch a Debate Show with a nice meaty topic, and Saudi Arabia and its support for Wahhabi terrorism was a gem. Michael Lane is always up to speed.

The Debate – US Syria Deployment

Jim W. Dean - As VT readers know we have been on pins and needles hoping that the Turks would not be so stupid to think they were going to fight their way through to Manbij, driving the Kurds out, when their main forces were fully engaged in trying to encircle Raqqa north of the Euphrates.

The Debate – 2017 French Presidential Election

Jim W. Dean - European elections have always been passionate but will enter upon a new stage as the future of the EU itself will be on trial in more of the country elections. Marie Le Pen has promised to have a Frexit referendum within six months.

The Debate – Battle for Mosul

Jim W. Dean - This was my first time on The Debate with Ambassador Peck, who is not only an old school diplomat but an Army veteran from WWII and Korea who came up through the ranks. His post government career has been almost as long as the former.

The Debate – Trump Iran Policy

Jim W. Dean - I had been waiting for Trump to pick his Iran club back up, but must say I was surprised with this "Iran is the biggest exporter of terror" silliness. The Donald was working for Israel on this one, not the American people.

Kevin Barrett challenges Alex Jones: Debate Zionism and Islamophobia!

Does Alex, who spreads Islamophobia and grovels before Bibi Netanyahu, have the courage to debate Kevin?

The Debate: Trump not going to be as free as he...

Jim W. Dean - It's going to be one hell of a ride with Trump, as it was with Obama, and Bush (43). Hopefully the real 9-11 perps walking around free will not feel the need to make another demonstration.

The Debate – Nuclear Arms Race Threats

Jim W. Dean - Why is there no national concern over mini-nuke proliferation, when they have already been used in major terror bombings?

The Debate – Liberation of Aleppo – Who controls the story

Jim W. Dean - This was a good a slugfest opportunity as one gets for a Debate Show opponent, from a well-funded think tank group hardwired into the liberal establishment to provide bipartisanship to the NeoCon anti-Assad wing.