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Press TV Debate: Lebanon Protests (with Kevin Barrett and Tony Gosling)

Is the whole Axis of Resistance being targeted for destabilization?

Press TV Debate: Malaysia Muslim Leaders’ Summit

Is this the beginning of a new paradigm?

Debating the Iran Nuclear Deal vs. DC Insider Brent Budowsky

Kevin Barrett vs. Brent Budowsky of The Hill  (WARNING: DEBATE GETS HEATED!)

Hezbollah shattered Israel’s sense of impunity: Expert

Hezbollah’s response showed that the movement takes care not to hit civilian targets as opposed to Israelis, who “intentionally target civilians.”

Israel’s aggression against Lebanon: Kevin Barrett vs. Lee Kaplan

Lee Kaplan, like Israel, is deaf to the voice of the Other.

Debating “Deal of the Century”: Kevin Barrett vs. Geoffrey Alderman

"So if I look annoyed at the Zionists and their BS 'deal of the century...'"

THE DEBATE: Kevin Barrett vs. Lee Kaplan on UAE vessels attack—possible...

Both parties agree: US hostility to Iran is all about Israel.

Washington Loyalty to Israel (Press TV Debate)

Does AIPAC pay politicians to pledge loyalty to Israel?

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