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Bombs in the Air – Then Boots on the Ground

The United States of America has more aggressive chicken-hawk warmongers in their government than any nation on earth.

She Majored in Debt, With a Minor in Usury!

I had just finished eating a plate of rubberized chicken, some pithy green (brown) peas, and smashed potatoes as gritty as corn grits.

US economy clinging to life as public debt nears $20 trillion

Societe Generale Bank analyst Albert Edwards said that consumers will hardly be able to keep the US economy afloat for long. The only thing that keeps the US economy afloat is the level of consumer spending, which accounts for about 70% of US gross domestic product. However, the US may soon lose this support.

Ukraine’s finance minister says sees no reason to repay $3 bln...

Jim W. Dean - These targeted countries have their own "Bankster Pivot" going on, which the Western press has generally ignored, as it puts Western diplomacy under the harsh spotlight that reveals it to be a game for gangsters, where no prisoners are taken.

Flim-Flam: the Scheme to Impoverish America

First, the establishment mandated that all American children had to suffer years of indoctrination – the inculcation of statist doctrines in free public schools.

Central banks selling off US debt at record pace

__________ Russia Today Central banks selling off US debt at record pace In March, central banks from around the world dumped $17 billion in American Treasuries....

Utah Man Dies in Prison for Unpaid Medical Debt

A 45-year-old Utah man, Rex Iverson, died in prison on January 23, 2016, after being incarcerated on a $350 bench warrant for failing to...

Saudi Arabia’s Secret Holdings of U.S. Debt Are Suddenly a Big...

Andrea Wong and Liz McCormick at Bloomberg Five hundred and one thousand ruble notes are displayed in an illustration Friday, June 30th in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Russia's...

Saudi debt risk on par with junk-rated Portugal

The price of insuring Riyadh’s debt has more than doubled in the past 12 months as oil prices continue to collapse.

China’s Black Hole Of Debt Creates Ghost Cities And World Crisis

We stand at the precipice or the event horizon of the greatest economic transition that any of us have ever seen.

Zombie debt eats lawyers’ ethics — and your money

The violations included trying to collect or selling to debt collectors accounts that Chase wasn’t legally allowed to collect.

Global Economic Growth Ended in 2000

The main premise of Life After Growth: How the Global Economy Really Works - and Why 200 Years of Growth are Over is that global economic growth has ended. Western governments conceal this fact through debt creation, inflation and clever manipulation of statistical economic indicators. According to Tim Morgan, leading analyst at the London financial brokerage Tullett Prebon, economic growth ended in 2000 and the economy has been shrinking ever since.

The American Debt Bomb

Potentially more powerful than any nuclear device that exists. So volatile, it could perhaps be ignited by even a small unexpected spark.

Target China by F. William Engdahl

“Step-by-step, just as with the boiling of frogs, Washington has been turning the heat up on China since about 2005. Today it is dangerously close to a boil.

An IMF Proposal to Ban Banks from Issuing Money

For the past 18 months ago, IMF economists Michael Kumhof and Jaromir Benes have been circulating a proposal to end the ability of banks to create money.

Keep Your Promise: A Left-Right Coalition To Help Veterans and Cut...

There is wide political agreement that we need to do more to support our veterans and their families. A recent spectacular demonstration was the 326-90 vote in the House and 95-3 vote in the Senate to repeal the military pension cuts to veterans and active service members that were in the Ryan-Murray budget deal.

Saving Philadelphia Schools Through Tax Reform

I have been extremely impressed to see Philadelphia’s students, teachers, parents and churches organizing at the grassroots level.