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US General Clark: US Troops Prepared to Die for Jewish State

Will you send your children to die for Israel; a country of 8 million people halfway around the world that says NOTHING to us about our lives in the USA?

American Military Victory at Trenton is Inspiration For Us Today

The important thing is that we never allow ourselves to feel hopeless. A great source of inspiration that can help us to realize that if we never give up we can change and improve our lives and society as a whole is what happened on December 25-26, 1776.

US Presidential Hopeful Kasich and Mixing Government With Religion

Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich says he wants the US government to create a new bureaucracy to push Jewish and Christian belief systems around the world.

Thomas Paine on Anti-Gentile Teachings in Judaism

The American founder and Deist Thomas Paine did a great service for us in his investigation and writings on the hateful anti-Gentile teachings of Judaism. His important work should be common knowledge throughout the world.

George W. Bush Proves War is a Racket

George W. Bush recently proved United States Marine General Smedley Butler correct. Butler wrote a landmark book, War is a Racket, in which he points out how war harms the average person while enriching the plutocrats and most wealthy people.

Deism and the Fourth of July

Even though Deism is of great importance to the American Revolution, most Americans and most people around the world have never even heard of Deism.

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson

We have a lot to be thankful for. In particular, people who risked life, limb, family and fortune to do what is right. Thomas Jefferson is one of those people. Today, April 13th, is Thomas Jefferson's birthday.

The “Chumps ‘R Us” Club

Are you one of those people that believes US Government (USG) narratives about anything and everything because the you think the USG is here to help you and would never lie?

Debunking Old Civil War Myths – Long Proven Wrong

- Lincoln said..."Beyond holding Federal property to collect the duties...there will be no invasion, no using of force against people anywhere."

AIPAC to Push War With Iran and Cash From America

The overly powerful war-mongering Israeli lobby organization, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, will soon hold its annual policy conference in which it determines what position the US politicians from both parties who live in fear of AIPAC will take on US Middle East foreign policy.