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DARPA computer simulations target social media to root-out enemy disinformation and...

U.S. military researchers are asking industry for new ways of using computer simulations to study how information spreads online via social media as a way to neutralize enemy disinformation and propaganda

German Intel finds no proof of Russian ‘disinformation ops’ against Berlin

Jim W. Dean - This having Intel agencies making reports of influencing elections is getting entertaining, as they all do it when and where they want, for whatever reasons they deem necessary.

Disinformation: Turkey sets lifting Gaza blockade as condition for resuming...

Turkey will not normalize ties with Israel unless it first lifts the blockade on the Gaza Strip, said Ibrahim Kalin a spokesman for Turkish President.

Jim Dean on America’s Disinformation War on Russia

Jim W. Dean - "If Islamic State agreed to serve US interests tomorrow, the US response would be, 'What piece of Syria would you like?'"

NEO – US and NATO Launch Disinfo Terror War

Jim W. Dean - It has been quite a show watching panic set in at the Pentagon, White House and NATO, as the modest Russian air campaign began tearing up the terrorist infrastructure in northern Syria.

The CIA Hoax Report

A phoney CIA report on Israel is being distributed by a notoriously iffy Canadian website. The problem is its conclusions may be right for all the wrong reasons. We'll dive into those reasons as soon as we divest ourselves of this purported "study."

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