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Refugees Continue to Expose Ukrainian War Crimes (30m video)

Mariupol was a Donbas city with a Russian population that fought being forced to join Nazi Ukraine as seen above. Now it is being freed…as Nazi Azov, now with their commanders in chains and heading to Moscow, ordered the city razed and its population eradicated.

Refugees Report US Backed Azov Nazi’s Crimes

The American Media that back this slaughter are fully complicit in the War Crimes and need to be held to account.

Vladimir Putin to Every Russian Soldier, ‘Why We are At War’

The residents of Donetsk and Lugansk took up arms to defend their home and their lives, after the horror and tragedy of 2 May 2014 in Odessa where Ukrainian neo-Nazis burned people alive making a new Khatyn out of it?

Russia declares first phase of Ukraine military operation complete, focuses on...

“The combat potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been considerably reduced, which … makes it possible to focus our core efforts on achieving the main goal, the liberation of Donbass,” Rudskoi added.

Poltava: It is already clear when the main offensive in Ukraine...

Institute for War Research: remaining cities of Donbass will be taken in the coming days.

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to...

This war crime and mass murder of women and children was carefully coordinated with NATO funded “fact checkers” and “disinformation fighters” from organizations across Europe. All of these organizations are run by right wing groups originally funded and trained through Washington “think tanks” and the Israel lobby.

Ukraine War March 25: Latest Russian Briefing

Two more briefings: Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy and Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev.

Ukraine War March 25: Briefing by Russian Ministry of...

"Since February 2022, Ukrainian troops have multiplied artillery attacks on Donbass with prohibited large-caliber artillery weapons. And, against the background of false statements about the desire for peace, Kiev had begun large-scale artillery preparations for the offensive of a shock group of troops drawn to the east of Ukraine with the support of aviation and missile systems."

Ukraine’s Air Force, Air Defences Almost Completely Destroyed, Navy Has Ceased...

Russia began an operation to demilitarize Ukraine in February after receiving a formal request for assistance from the newly recognized Donbass republics, who faced weeks of escalating shelling, sabotage and sniper attacks by Ukrainian forces. Now, Ukraine’s air and air defence forces have been almost completely destroyed.

Ukraine War Day 30: Russia in Donbas

A month of Russian military operations in Ukraine has passed. Kiev, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Nikolaev are almost blockaded by Russian troops, Kherson and most of the Zaporozhye region are under the Russian control. The Ukrainian air force and air defense system were almost completely destroyed, the Ukrainian Navy does not exist anymore.

Ukraine War: Daily Brief from Colonel Cassad

Serious advance in the city. Weakening of organized resistance and accelerated advance of assault groups inside the city is observed. Materials from the city show that the enemy is suffering heavy losses.

Poland Reveals It is Taking Part of Ukraine in Secret Deal

Poland has annexed as many as five regions to itself, as evidenced by the display of the partition map of Ukraine aired on the Polish TV channel TVP1.

Russian Missiles Destroy Blackwater Camp, Fuel Depot in Nazi Ukieville

On March 25, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that in the evening of March 24, Kalibr cruise missiles struck a fuel depot in Kalinovka near Kiev. This was the largest remaining fuel base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Gennady Zyuganov: In Ukraine, we need to apply the experience of...

“We are now seeing how the aggression unleashed against the Donbass by the Bandera and Tseraushniks eight years ago is ending,” says Gennady Zyuganov. "In fact, we are conducting a peacekeeping operation, and it provides for [the difficult process of] denazification."

Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine went over to the...

Novorosinform: Nine soldiers of the 36th marine brigade of the Ukrainian army laid down their arms and surrendered to the forces of the republic, the Federal News Agency reports.

Lavrov explains regime change strategy targeting Russia & China (video briefing)

Alex Christoforou, the Greek reporter, reveals the hurdles of living in Donbas.

Ukraine War Daily Brief from Colonel Cassad

Street battles in Mariupol continue. The DNR authorities claim to control approximately 70% of the city's residential areas and parts of the industrial areas. The enemy continues to put up stubborn resistance. According to a number of reports, no prisoners will be taken after March 23. For now, they are still offering to surrender their weapons.

Patrick Lancaster: In and Out of Mariupol, March 23rd

Reports came in today of a sad trend of elderly people finally being pulled out of the basements after a long time of neglect, who are dying within the hour after their rescue. We must make ALL the devils that caused this pay for their sins.

Ukraine War Day 27: War of Attrition

Bloody street fighting continues in the city of Mariupol where the DPR mop up operation continues. According to the estimates shared by the DPR, about half of the 14.5 thousand AFU personnel are still active in the city.

Russell Bentley: Life in Wartime

Russia has food, financial and energy security. It has the best military in the world, and the world’s most powerful ally, China. The EU is finally beginning to understand that the US is a fake friend and starting to act accordingly. There will be a MAJOR food crisis in Europe this year, and almost certainly in the US.

Caution, mines: Armed Forces of Ukraine and national battalions, retreating, take...

Retreating Ukrainian soldiers leave the Russian army and civilians thousands of land mines and tripwires.

Ukraine War Day 28

SV Pressa: Since the formation of the “cauldron”, the size of the Mariupol grouping of the [Banderas] has been reduced by about half, but the resistance is still strong. Half of the city cleared. There is evidence that [Kiev] requested a retreat from Donetsk to the Dzerzhinsk-Kramatorsk line in order not to be surrounded.

Germany Leaked Routes: Russia’s Stealth Su-57s Deployed to Destroy US Deliveries...

In view of the critical situation that has developed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Yankees are ready to share those S-300 systems that the allies have.

Ukrainian Forces Caught Attempting to Leave Mariupol Dressed in Women’s Clothing...

Footage of a captured Ukrainian serviceman dressed in women’s clothing and being taken out of the back of a military truck in Mariupol .

March 23 Early morning briefing by Russian Defence Ministry

️Ukraine spent several years preparing a 300,000 army to take Donbass in a 1-2 day blitz, and Ukrainian army groups were deployed across Kharkiv and Kyiv areas.

Ukraine War Day 27-28: No Defense from Russian Strikes

The general military situation in Ukraine remained relatively same during the last few days and most likely will continue to remain like this as long as the grouping of Kyiv’s forces surrendered in Mariupol city is not fully eliminated. Meanwhile, the Russian side intensified strikes on objects of military infrastructure, weapon depots and gatherings of military equipment all across the country.

Ukraine War Day 26: Advances in Donbas

The Russians continue to respond with precise artillery and air strikes on Ukrainian units hiding in the cities.

Ukraine War Day 26 – The Era of Hypersonic Weapons has...

Units of the Russian Armed Forces, DPR and LPR are still working to achieve the declared goal of the full liberation of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. As soon as this goal is achieved, and if no diplomatic agreement is reached with Kyiv, the time would come for further actions.

Day 25: Briefings by Russian Defence Ministry

Many detailed updates. In addition, "the male population of Ukraine is forcibly conscripted into the army as 'reservists' at the border, but in fact, they are used as 'cannon fodder'."

Ukraine War Day 25: Continued Gains and Losses

As of March 20, fierce street fighting continues in the city of Mariupol. Units of the Russian Armed Forces and the DPR developed their advance in the city with fire support from Russian Navy warships. The grouping of AFU troops, nationalist forces and foreign mercenaries encircled there is gradually being destroyed.

The Putin Doctrine: Live a day as a lion better than...

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month was only a logical culmination of a long-simmering, eight-year war of attrition initiated by NATO powers against Russia in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region after the 2014 Maidan coup.

“Drank water from puddles.” What is happening in Mariupol now

There are urban battles in Mariupol, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the evacuation of 43,000 people. At the exit there are columns of cars with white flags – symbols of refugees, with the inscriptions “Family” or “Children”. At the checkpoint, the military check documents, men of military age are checked for tattoos, they are looking for Azov fighters trying to escape.

War News in English from Belarus Media

Checkpoints of the Russian Airborne Forces appeared in the Kiev region of Ukraine — the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. The Airborne Forces ensure the safety of the passage of military columns, and the movement of locals along the roads.

Updated: Zelensky’s Promised Nuclear War: Ukie Nazi’s Plan to Slaughter US/NATO...

VT: Originally sourced from Russian state controlled media but confirmed by highest US sources who are lying to the MSM.

Day 25, the war to liberate Ukraine from the Zio-Nazis (telling...

Currently, Russian and DPR forces are working to eliminate the remnants of nationalist formations and the 54th Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the settlements of Sladkoe, Novoukrainka and Shahterskoe.

First Western Journalist In Russia & DPR Controlled Mariupol (Special Report)

Who controls Mariupol controls the Sea of Azov. A humanitarian corridor for civilian evacuations was set, and Patrick Lancaster does brief interviews with people on the street.

How Ukraine’s Jewish President Made Peace With Neo-Nazi Paramilitaries

Zelensky failed to rein in neo-Nazis, wound up collaborating with them.

Mariupol Resident Says Azov Regiment Neo-Nazis Destroyed City Pool, ‘Killed a...

Mariupol resident Nina Kulayeva, who fled Ukraine, has told Sputnik that scores of people died after neo-Nazis from Ukraine’s Azov Regiment deliberately destroyed the Neptune swimming pool in the centre of the southeastern coastal city currently surrounded by Russian and Donetsk People’s Republic forces.