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For Its Security and Survival, China Must Understand Rothschild Zionism

Imagine international banking and Rothschild Zionism at the helm of China’s awesome military, global trade routes, scientific innovation, and manufacturing capability. A Hieronymous Bosch hellscape—for both China, and the planet. But don’t jump yet.

Russia’s role in the global economic order has turned out to...

Industry experts have unanimously agreed that there is no substitute for Russian oil in the EU at the moment, as the volumes available on the market are limited.

Harvard Khazarians Looted Russia in 1991

When Russian Communism fell in 1991, the Khazarian Mafia and its assigns could not wait to sink their greedy claws into the new Russia.

How Russia Will Counterpunch U.S./EU Declaration of War

Slowly but surely, we are already on the way to the emergence of a sizeable Global South bloc immune to American financial warfare.

Is Monsanto killing you under the guise of science?

Monsanto were aware of the risks of their toxic products, but they still wanted to, in the words of the company’s own words, “sell the hell out of ‘em.”

Covid-19’s biggest losers: billions of children

"1.5 billion children have been affected by school closures amid the coronavirus pandemic, estimating that the ongoing crisis could be 'potentially catastrophic for millions of children.'"

What Next? Former Spy Reflects on How President Trump Can...

Robert Steele provides a final overview of the fake pandemic and outlines five specific things the President can do to escape from is clearly very thin ice.

Oil Prices Tumble as Saudi Arabia Flexes Its Muscles

It now appears that a full-blown oil price war is in the making. This comes as many believe the coronavirus will reduce demand as economic growth slows.